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3 Benefits Of Daily Hair Brushing You Shouldn't Overlook

22 October 2018
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Perhaps you’re all too familiar with this routine: Your alarm goes off, after a few snoozes you give up the fight and grumpily slump to the shower with your hair in a bun. Once you’ve finally stepped out of the bathroom, it’s time to pop a little mascara on your sleepy face and head out the door. Is there anything missing, that you can think of? We certainly can. Your long-lost hair brush is just sitting on top of your dresser, discarded and underused.

In case you couldn’t tell by now, we consider ourselves nothing less than hairbrush enthusiasts and we have our daily hair brushing routine down to a tee. The unique, bristle tool is often overlooked—even among women who consider themselves hair enthusiasts too. It’s a crime in hair.

To make our case a little stronger, we appointed the help of Paul Edmonds, Shu Uemura Art of Hair Styling Ambassador to help us to unearth why brushing our hair is so important alongside some tips and tricks to help us ensure we aren’t damaging our locks along the way.

The same old tool that your mother used to detangle your hair as a child (our scalps sting at the memory) is the key to strands that feel healthier, grow longer, and look shinier. In the past, we did not have the products we do now and relied upon our natural oil, sebum to condition from roots to ends by means of a brush. The right brush for daily hair brushing can change the way your mane grows more effectively than you think, provided you’ve committed to a consistent routine.

Rethinking your years-old hair brush already? That’s seriously good news for your strands.

What Kind Of Hair Brush Is Right For You?

Think of your hair brush purchase just the way you would any other beauty buy. You might want to stop by a beauty supply store to see the latest arrivals or even read a handful of reviews online.

Ask yourself what problem you’d like to fix. Are you hoping for a better blow dry? Hair with less breakage? The result will help you navigate the vast world of brushes.

“Use a natural bristle brush” advises Paul when we asked him what his brush option of choice is. The natural bristles are gentle on the hair but can be more effective than synthetic bristles. “Take to the hair in smaller sections and ensure you brush the under layers properly as this is where it matts up and tangles” this is the best way to use your new fave brush, without the damage.

Paul Edmonds Internationally Hair Stylist

Between blow drying hair smooth, combing out the tangles in the morning, and distributing product through your strands, you’re looking at three or more varieties of hair brush. Luckily, this is one beauty purchase where quality doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Conditioning Your Hair Just Got So Much Easier.

We often hear from friends that their conditioner just isn’t working so daily hair brushing is not an option. Price tag and quantity aside, it’s usually the application method that’s faulty.

That’s no surprise, considering the hands aren’t a very efficient method of working product through your strands. Instead of coating every hair, you’re just glopping product on top of it.

To make sure your conditioner is working on and not damaging to your hair, find a brush that’s specifically designed for use on damp hair. Start from the bottom, working in small strokes until you’ve fully detangled the hair before moving up to the mid-lengths and roots. Then, apply your conditioner, brushing it through the hair.

 “A comb is also perfect for wet hair” insists Paul “taken into sections. Spray Shu Uemura Wonder-Worker on wet hair to help detangle” adding a little product after you’ve washed your hair will also help ensure damage is prevented and your hair is 

Paul Edmonds Internationally Hair Stylist

Be very careful with your strands. They’re fragile!

You’ll Experience Less Breakage.

Here’s another key complaint we hear from women. Whether they’re dealing with strands that never seem to grow or split ends, breakage is almost always the source of the problem. Between daily heat styling sessions and pillowcase-induced stress, it’s no wonder your strands are snapping.

We recommend L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Absolut Repair Lipidum Serum to help protect your hair from the damaging effects of friction and reduce hair breakage during daily (or nightly) brushing.

Before using any kind of hair brush, lightly coat it with the smoothing product before running it through your strands. As always, be very careful about technique.

Once you’ve finished brushing, run your fingers through your newly-smoothed strands. The difference should be noticeable. Whether you’re finishing up with a curling wand or leaving your hair is, the serum will help your hair stay healthy and tangle-free.

You’ll Have A Better Sense Of What’s Going With Your Mane.

If you have long hair, it’s easy to throw it into an up-do day after day without really taking a good, hard look at it. That’s how problems like split ends and fading colour can get out of hand.

Daily hair brushing can have a positive effect on the general health of your hair because you’re giving it your full attention, running strand after strand through your fingers and checking for problems.

Spend the time regularly maintaining your strands, and you’ll be surprised to see how much healthier they become. On top of that, you’ll be a lot more eager to schedule regular trims and colour appointment. It’s a win-win situation.

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