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Self-Care Hair: 3 Relaxing Routines For Hair & Soul Wellness

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15 October 2019
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The lifestyle trend that is taking the internet by storm at the moment- and rightly so, is self-care. This well-being movement is all about taking time out of your busy routine to check in with yourself, to reset your thoughts, and to align mind body and soul. We’re extending this zen to hair care and bringing you our top tips for self-care hair! Whether it’s been a hectic week, a break up, or you just need some time to yourself, we’ve got it covered with 3 different self-care hair routines that will have you and your locks feeling balanced, nourished, and calm. Turn off your phone, light your candles, and let’s get ready to pamper.

The Self-Care Hair Routine for Stress

The S-word: stress! That emotion that comes in all shapes and sizes no matter how hard we try to live balanced lives. When it comes to self-care hair routines we’re all about rebalancing our mind and emotions in order to filter out unnecessary stress, and help to channel inner calm into our everyday lives. For this self-care hair routine we’re going to get engaged in a full-on hair ritual in order to fulfil a methodical sense of process to neutralise stress.

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To lather your locks free of stress we suggest Kérastase Revitalising Shampoo to help revitalise hair, body, and soul. Pair this with Kérastase Revitalising Conditioner to help give your tresses the ultimate nourishment they need and deserve. After a deep cleanse and condition, allow your hair to air dry. By reducing your use of heated styling tools you can de-stress your hair of heat - and yourself too, for the ultimate full body relaxation! To help nourish your hair and your senses we recommend Kérastase Elixir. Hair serum is basically a magic potion which helps to add super shine and a calming scent to your hair. We especially love this soft rose scent to refresh your mind, and your hair! You’ll literally be smelling as sweet as a rose bush

The Self-Care Hair Routine For Relaxation

We don’t know about you- but we always envy those gals who live life in the chilled-out lane. That kind of effortless positivity and relaxation is covetable by all, so we’re bringing you a dose of relaxation to reset and revitalise yourself. Our self-care hair routine for relaxation suggests a range of products to help engage all of the senses in a relaxation routine, and to achieve the ultimate calm, chilled-out vibe.

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In order to reap the benefits of our relaxation routine we suggest cleansing and conditioning your locks with Shu Uemura Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner. We suggest leaving conditioner on for an extra few minutes to allow the silk and cherry blossom scent soak into your locks- the perfect relaxation treatment for all of the senses. To give your hair the ultimate relaxation TLC we love Pureology Hydrate Treatment. Hair masks are a girl’s best friend when it comes to nourishing your hair into silky smooth perfection- the crowning remedy for relaxation.

The Self-Care Hair Routine For Reconnecting With Nature

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Sometimes city life isn’t as glamorous as you thought: commuter trains, city pollution, and endless traffic noise- we get it! We’ve formulated an entire self-care hair routine to bring you back to your greener side and reconnect with nature. Using gorgeously organic, and eco chic products you’ll look and smell like an Amazonian princess without having to even leave the house. Let’s get our green on!

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To begin our reconnecting routine we recommend Biolage R.A.W Shampoo and Biolage R.A.W Conditioner. This is one of our top picks when it comes it oozing organic as the gentle honey and quinoa scent will leave you buzzing. We also love Biolage Renewal Spray; spritz on wet hair and gently comb through for super smooth locks. Next we recommend Pureology Strength Cure to help strengthen your hair without any nasty chemicals. Allow hair to dry and style au natural!

We hope we’ve helped you find some inner peace (in yourself, and in your hair) with our self-care hair routines. Now go forth and glow.

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