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5 Life-Changing Ways To Tame Frizz In Hair

Elizabeth Hall
11 October 2019
woman with natural afro hair and bright headband

If you’re sick of having frizzy hair drag your locks down (you aren’t alone), we’ve got good news: we bring you the best pro tips to keep your tresses sufficiently tamed and maintained. If you were born with a little extra fluff in your ‘do, no stress - when it comes to taming hair frizz for good, we’ve got the scoop! Here, we talk anti-frizz products and more to ensure you have a head of hair you’re happy with.

First Off: Why Does Frizz In Hair Make An Appearance?

For a lot of women, frizzy hair can be the bane of their existence. But before we can delve into the depths of the pesky problem that is hair frizz, let’s explain why it shows up in the first place, shall we? From a pro point of view: frizzy hair is flat and shaped like a figure eight (triangle hair, is it you?). Frizzy hair is dry and more likely to tangle, making it one of the most fragile hair types. Naturally, fragile things need to be treated with extra care. Read on for the 5 tips you’ve always needed in your frizzy-haired life!

5 Tips To Get Rid Of Frizz In Hair

With these tips, your hair won’t be puffing up like a lion’s mane ever again!

1. Never,Ever Skip Conditioner

If you’re debating whether or not you can skip out on the conditioner (even once), don’t do it! Silky-smooth hair is without fail always conditioned, this should be a non-negotiable step in your routine to combat frizz in hair. Your hair frizz strands need that dose of moisture more than any other hair type in order to soothe the cuticle and keep hair frizz at bay. We love L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Absolut Repair Conditioner to quench hair’s thirst the right way whilst restoring shine to the max.

2. Don’t Blow Dry Soaking Wet Hair

Direct heat on sopping wet hair is a sure way to dehydrate hair (hey there, frizz in hair). Experts suggest waiting until hair is about 90 percent dry before turning on your blow dryer. Let nature do the heavy lifting and use your blow dryer to style and smooth - your strands will thank you! 

3. Invest In A Diffuser

For some of us, forgoing the blow dryer is inconceivable. That’s okay, as long as you’re using a diffuser… if you’re not familiar with this device, then the time is now! It’s an attachment that minimises hair frizz after blow drying, especially for the curly-haired babes out there. This little attachment is heaven’s gift to ladies with ringlets because it defines locks (by respecting your hair's natural curl pattern) whilst keeping hair frizz at bay.

4. Always Apply A Leave-In 

There’s a salon secret you need to let you in on - always use a leave-in, such as L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Nutrifier DD BalmLeave-in products like this godsend are significantly more intense than other hair care products, so you’ll be rewarded with a host of benefits. This product is infused with Glycerol and coconut oil to deliver the perfect dose of nourishment to dry, frizzy hair. As far as we’re concerned, it’s your best ally as far as anti-frizz hair products.

5. Silky Pillowcase = Silky Hair

While this tip doesn’t seem practical, the switch from a cotton pillowcase to a silk one will promote silky-smooth hair. The natural properties of silk reduce friction - another frizz-causing culprit. Make the switch for sweet dreams and oh-so-soft strands!

Follow these pro tips to break up with frizzy hair for good - it was an unhealthy relationship from the start!


Interested in finding out more tips for frizzy hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair professional near you.

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