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Can You Perm Colour Treated Hair – Without Causing Damage?

30 August 2018
woman with long coloured curly hair

If you have coloured hair and you’re considering some texture, a modern-day perm might be your answer. But is it really possible to combine two processed treatments on your hair – without risking damage? Our experts have the answers. Here’s everything you need to know about perms on coloured hair…

Whenever you’re considering getting your hair chemically treated, whether it be colour or perm, the number one rule is to speak to a hairdresser first to minimise any potential damage to your tresses. In the case of a perm on colour treated hair, it’s layering on two processes simultaneously, so considering the health of your hair is especially important.

So, can you perm colour treated hair? The fact is, there’s no black or white answer. It’s really down to the health of your hair, and the discretion of your stylist. 

Perms For Colour Treated Hair

Perms for both untreated and colour treated hair involve the use of chemicals to alter the bonds of the hair structure – this allows the hair to mold around the shape of the form. Since the fibres in colour treated hair have already been altered, you’re looking to essentially weaken these proteins even further. This means finding an experienced stylist should be a priority.

There’s a common misconception that loose waves mean that the perming process is less severe – but this isn’t the case. The size of the curl depends on the size of the rod used to perm the hair. 

Thanks to kinder formulations, today’s modern day perms are kinder to hair than the tightly coiled perms of the 80s.

How To Perm Colour Treated Hair

If your stylist has given you the all-clear to combining perming and colouring, ensure that your hair is in peak condition in the weeks leading up to your appointment.

While a perm is a pretty standard salon procedure, regardless of whether your hair is dyed or not, a stylist typically exercises more caution when performing a perm on colour treated hair as it’s already in a more vulnerable state.

So which order is most ideal? Most stylists will advise doing the perm before the colour to prevent any lightening from occurring. It’s also best to space out your appointments so your hair has a few weeks to recover. Depending on hair type, perm results last for around six months.

Your Post-Perm Aftercare Regime

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and perm your colour treated hair, a solid aftercare regime is essential to nourish the strands. Try a range that is infused with protein like the Redken Extreme Range, alternate it with a high impact moisturising range such as the All Soft Mega collection.  

The Redken Extreme Collection is extremely powerful when it comes to restoring the hair. In addition to fortifying the hair to be up to 15x stronger, it can also reduce breakage by 75%. Infused with soy protein and ceramides, it’s specially formulated to infuse moisture into the hair whilst strengthening the structure of each fibre. Similarly, the Redken All Soft Mega Range provides pro-level conditioning to ensure your strands are fully nourished.

Ultimately, when it comes to perms for colour treated hair, making sure you have a good stylist and powerful aftercare regime will ensure your hair stays bouncy, healthy and strong.

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