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Colour Treated Hair Care: The 101 From A Pro

18 November 2018
colour treated hair

If you’re a regular to hair colour, you’ll know dry and brittle strands can sometimes be an unwanted side-effect. Hydrating and nourishing your strands is key in your daily haircare regime, which is where your shampoo and conditioner comes in.

Read on to discover how to give coloured hair some TLC…

Hello, Hydration

The number one trait from colour treated hair is that it becomes dry a lot quicker, especially if the hair has been pre-lightened. Colouring your hair is a chemical procedure that alters the structure of your strands. That makes it more susceptible to breakage and you’re more likely to experience a flat, lacklustre finish over time. The best way to combat dryness? Hydration, hydration, hydration… we asked Ashleigh Hodges, Matrix Artistic Director what her advice is for dry hair caused by hair colouring.

Your Colour Haircare Product Guide

What kind of product should you be using to keep your colour looking its best? Follow our guide below to determine the haircare routine for your colour treated tresses.

I’ve Got… Normal Coloured Hair

The first step in choosing a shampoo for colour-treated hair is ensuring that it’s actually suited to coloured hair. Make sure that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that will strip or alter the pigments in your hair. Colouring your tresses can have a drying effect, so choose a conditioner with moisturising properties - the aim is to provide your hair with ample conditioning, without weighing it down.

“Use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to lock in moisture in our colour treated hair."

Ashleigh Hodges Artistic Director, Matrix

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Condition – we seriously recommend you pick up a pot or two of the vegan Pureology range, we love Hydrate for its minty fresh hydrating properties but select any of their ranges from volume to blonde as they are all created for coloured hair. The go-to option for many salons across UK and Ireland as well as a firm shower staple.

I’ve Got… Fine Coloured Hair

If you’re looking to nourish dry hair without weighing it down with a rich product, try the Biolage ColorLast range for a gentle cleanse. In fact their ColorLast Aqua-Gel Conditioner is designed for fine haired strands and is oil-free to boot.

I’ve Got… Dry Coloured Hair

For severely dry hair, it’s going to be important to incorporate a weekly treatment mask to deliver that extra needed moisture boost. Give Biolage ColorLast Mask a go, leaving it on the hair for the 3-5 minutes it needs to bring your hair a boost.

For coloured hair with minimal dryness, it’s still good to use products with a moisturising effect, such as Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin 1 and the Kérastase Nutritive Lait Vital, which nourish the hair fibres without adding weight.

All Colour Chameleons

If you chop and change your hair colour like it’s nobody’s business then we’re sure you’ve heard all about the bonding systems available but if not, meet your new hair bestie.

“Whenever we colour our hair we break down the natural bonds, the colour does its thing and the bonds get put back together. If anything ever breaks and is mended, it’s always a little weaker than before. What bonding does is add a little extra cotton wool to that break so to speak, so as it breaks it is cushioned so when it is put back together it still has its strength intact.”

Ashleigh Hodges Artistic Director, Matrix

Bonding – This isn’t about connecting on an emotional level with your hair but you may feel a lot of love for it if you do use a bonding system in your hair routine. From the salon service to at home treatment, consider hopping on this technology with strengthens the hair shafts preventing damage. Ask in-salon about L’Oréal Professionel’s Smartbond, Redken’s pH Bonder or the Matrix Bond Ultim8 services.


There’s your guide to colour treated hair care. If you would like to book into salon to speak with a colour expert, find your nearest now via our salon locator.


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