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Dismiss The Frizz - How To Stop Static Hair

Elizabeth Hall
09 June 2019
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You know that feeling after stepping out of a salon and feeling like a silky-haired goddess? We’re pretty certain that image doesn’t involve static hair. Whether you’re sporting poker straight locks or you prefer to adorn a head of romantic beach waves, the best styles don’t involve frizzy hair. Eliminating this pesky problem is easier than you think though, even with humidity doing its dirty work (Mother Nature can be cruel). Gone are the days of having to cover up frizzy hair under a hat on vacation - it’s time to let your locks loose and tame your texture to perfection. We tell you just how to stop static hair and why it makes an appearance in the first place, as well as styling tips you’re sure to use for years to come. Scroll through if you’re keen to go from frizzy hair days to having more good hair days in your near future!

Back To Science 101: What Causes Static Hair?

You probably already know the science behind static hair if you paid any attention to your teacher in middle school - but if you didn’t, here’s the answer: static electricity is to blame. Remember rubbing a balloon on your head to watch your strands stick up like a crazy scientist? You were making - static - electricity, my friend! When two unlike objects are rubbed together (like your hair and a cute turtleneck) the friction causes electrons to be transferred from one object to another… the exchange causes a kind of electric build-up to manifest on your hair. What are you left with? A science project of a mane that makes issues like greasy hair seem trivial. But before you go cursing the transferring of electrons, keep reading; we tell you how to stop static hair like a pro so you can walk out into a humid climate with ease!

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Move Over Frizz: How To Stop Static Hair

Now that you’re well-versed in the logistics of the hair-nemy that is static hair, it’s time to tell you how to kick it to the curb. While we can’t control most of the common culprits (like indoor heating which strips hair of moisture, wearing hats and scarves), you might be pleased to know there are a few tried-and-tested things you can do to stop the frizzy hair. Let’s explore them, shall we?

Tip #1: Switch Up Your Part

Hats and scarves are more than necessary during the colder months. We wouldn’t advise you to catch a cold in the name of frizzy hair, so what can you do? Pros have suggested parting your hair on the opposite side than you normally do before you put on a hat. So when you take your hat off, flip your hair to your usual part for locks free from static and impressive volume. Win-win.

Tip #2: Wean Off The Shampoo Bottle

When you wash your hair, you’re not only removing grease and grime, but essential oils needed to keep your hair moisturised and healthy. Instead of shampooing your locks every single day, try to cut back to every other day. If you’re prone to greasy hair then you can use the aid of a dry shampoo - we love Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo. This product is a fool-proof way to revive your blow out and stretch your no-shampoo days with ease!

Tip #3: Fight Frizzy Hair With Style

If you have length to work with, try pulling your tresses back into a pretty plait or low-hanging bun for a great way to defy static hair. If you’re into a tousled look (who isn’t), try braiding your hair and tucking it into a bun. When you arrive at your destination, simply remove the elastic for loose beach waves made easy.

Tip #4: Moisturise Wise

If frizzy hair has become the bane of your mane’s existence, it’s time to call upon a hair hero - The Redken Frizz Dismiss range. This collection was specifically designed to fight static hair so you can rock a big bouncy blow dry no matter the weather. The shampoo and conditioner are enriched with (sustainably-sourced, yay) Babussa oil to nourish and protecting frizzy hair, regardless of your hair texture.

Tip #5: Combing Culprit

Vigorously brushing out your hair is a recipe for frizzy hair. Instead, apply a detangling cream prior to brushing. Pro-approved Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame smoothing cream not only fights off static, it protects hair up to 250 degrees whilst hydrating and detangling locks. Take that, humidity!

Tip #6: Ditch The Towel

An unwanted byproduct of roughing up your hair with a towel is damage. The pros say that rubbing your locks aggressively with a towel post-shower can do a real number on you, causing frizzy hair. What’s a best practice to stop static in hair? Skip the towel-drying and make use of an old cotton t-shirt by gently dabbing it against your hair to absorb water.

Whatever the cause is, it’s time to dismiss the frizzy hair!

Want to learn more about frizzy hair and what you can do about it? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair expert near you.

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