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Dry Curls? Here's The Hair Moisture Treatment Your Curly Hair Needs

15 January 2019
woman with long dark curly hair

Are your curls feeling dry and brittle to the touch? Want to get your frizz under control? You may need to tweak your hair care routine! Read on to find out how to give your locks the quenching through a hair moisture treatment with some professional advice from James Galvin, Style Director at Daniel Galvin for softer, silkier curls.

Why Hair Moisture Treatments Are Essential For Curly Hair

Dry curls is not just down to a simple lack of moisture - it can also be a symptom of damaged hair Your locks are more prone to breakage because of the unique make-up of curly hair, which can cause it to dry out. “Curly hair tends to be drier as the sebum that is naturally produced from the scalp can’t reach the ends of the hair as easily as it can with straight hair. This is why curly hair often has to turn to products to help with nourishment “ James explains. These bends make curly strands more vulnerable to things that can weaken hair such as pollution, dry weather, chemical treatment, heat styling and even hard water. So not only does an optimised hair moisture treatment have to be hydrating, it also needs a repairing and strengthening component.

Expert Recommended Products For Dry Curls

We asked James what products he recommends to ditch the dry curls, he didn’t disappoint;

Nourishing, Gentle Cleansing


A nourishing shampoo and conditioner is key – a little tip: always comb curls through with your fingers when wet and leave a little bit of conditioner in when rinsing” says James “The Kérastase Cleansing Conditioner is great for curls as it contains no silicones or sulphates to ensure a gentle cleanse, plus unlike traditional shampoos it won’t remove too much sebum.”

James Galvin Style Director at Daniel Galvin

Curl Cream Dreams

Shampoo and conditioner in check, it doesn’t stop there...

a curl cream will help to give shape and definition after washing. I love Kérastase Oleo Curl, it leaves the curls looking smooth with no rigidity, and of course, gives the all-important anti-frizz effect. Thanks to the heat protection found in the product, it can also be used with a diffuser.“

James Galvin Style Director at Daniel Galvin

Extra Curl Power

Like a cherry tops a cake, a drop of something moisturising can make all the difference...

If curly hair needs extra nourishment, I recommend putting a drop of the Elixir Ultime hair oil into a curl cream to create beautiful softness and shine.

James Galvin Style Director at Daniel Galvin

Et-voila, the formula for curl creating perfection!

How To Repair And Fortify Your Curls

In order to banish dry curls, it’s also imperative to prioritise hair moisture treatment products that are intensely nourishing. Moisture treatments facilitate detangling and make curly hair more manageable.” James tells us “hey also help to tame frizz and make course, curly hair more smooth.” Sign us up?

That’s where Kérastase Fusio-Dose treatment comes in. “Fusio-Dose treatment has a Discipline Booster, which when combined with the Oleo Fusion nutrition concentre, is great at detangling and taming frizz, making the hair smooth and silky.”

woman with dark wavy curly hair

James Galvin’s Top Tips For Maintaining Healthy Curls

  1. The Right Curl Care Goes A Long Way

    You wouldn’t turn up to your work without the right tools so give your curly hair the TLC it needs! “Use the right haircare range for your curls – something that is moisturising but won’t weight curls down”

  2. Bounce back

    Put the oomph back into your dry curls and “make sure you have regular trims so that your curls bounce into shape”. Getting a regular hair cut at the salon will ensure healthy lengths and ends.

  3. Heatless Styling

    Heat damage really can be avoided so get yourself organised and try out heatless styling or get yourself a good protectant.

    Avoid using heat styling – if you get the cut right, curly hair can get away with barely any styling, simply apply a curl or mousse to damp hair, and either use a diffuser or leave to air dry”

  4. Fight The Frizz

Did you know washing your hair daily [LINK to: https://uk.hair.com/haircare/how-often-you-should-really-wash-your-hair-according-to-experts]could be the cause of dry curly hair “be careful not to over wash curly hair, this could make it frizzy and dry”

Experience results and realise there’s nothing better than healthy hair and sleek, supple curls!

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