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Hair Knots: How To Wriggle Free Of These Hair Foes

Elizabeth Hall
30 June 2019
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Are constant hair knots getting you all twisted? If you find that your hair knots easily, we’ve got all the solutions you need to save your beautiful locks from these tiresome hair foes. Consider this your lucky day, we’re dishing out all the tips, tricks and tidbits that you need to banish hair knots for good!

Get It Straight: What Causes Hair Knots

We’re probably not the first to tell you that maintaining luscious locks takes some effort and care on your part. One of the most tiring aspects of growing your hair long is having to deal with the subsequent hair knots and tangles that form in your strands like unwanted visitors that just don’t quite get the hint. Not only are these pesky hair foes time-consuming to deal with, they can also be painful and damaging. Not the lewk you’re after, amiright? Come winter, air gets much drier. When the hair fibre is dry, the scales of the hair cuticle become lifted, causing the hair to become more easily tangled and knotty. This means that your hair is particularly vulnerable in colder weather. A girl just can’t catch a break!

Time To Relax: The Best Hair Knots Removal Strategy

Stepping into a shower while your hair is tangled may seem like a good idea - after all, water fixes everything right? Wrong. Knots plus water is no match made in heaven, as tangles have the tendency to congeal when you add H2O in the mix. And if you can’t apply your products properly, then you ain’t doing it right. So, it’s a good idea to work a comb or brush through your hair prior to hoping in the shower, to prevent a big, unevenly washed mess afterwards. The pros suggest that the best combing technique to get rid of hair knots is to start combing the hair from the ends, working your way up to the roots. This practice avoids those pesky knots building up at the ends of your hair.

Back to shower habits - while you’re in the shower, another tip to remember is to keep the amount of shampoo you use to a minimum. Apply the majority of your shampoo to your roots, to avoid drying out the tips and making them more susceptible to tangling. Keep the water temperature down real low to seal your cuticles, which helps your hair to lay flat. Flat hair means shiny strands! To keep those knots at bay, you should incorporate a range into your hair care routine that offer moisture to keep the hair hydrated. Hit hair with an extra dose of moisture by using a nourishing mask every 3rd or 4th wash. Experts recommend the Kérastase Nutritive Range to gently provide your hair with the care and TLC it needs to flourish.

When it comes to styling your locks, if you’re using heat (and try to keep it to a minimum!) make sure you’re aiming your blow dryer in the right direction. Point the hairdryer downwards, parallel to your hair. This will help prevent fraying your ends.

A golden rule to keep your hair tangle-free: always brush your hair before bed. Otherwise you’ll land up with a recipe for disaster- think knots for days and bedhead-gone-wrong. Not ideal! Additionally, wearing your hair in a loose braid or ballerina bun can help to prevent knots forming overnight, as loose hair tends to get matted easily. Sleep easy knowing you’ll wake up with tangle-free tresses!

Are you having hair knots trouble? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair professional near you.

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