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Hair Regrowth: How To Care And Style To Grow Out Your Hair

30 September 2019
woman with short to medium blonde hair

Those who have ever cut their hair short know the struggle of hair regrowth. One moment you’re rocking that pixie cut, next moment your hair is being mistaken for a helmet. James Galvin, Kérastase UK Brand Ambassador is here to prevent any awkward hair regrowth mishaps, detailing the easiest way to sidestep the transition period and move on to longer, healthy locks. Time to get your down-to-there hair back with these foolproof methods, and the best products like hair regrowth shampoo to make it happen!

Treatment For Hair Regrowth: The What, Why and How

Hair regrowth treatments are achievable in salon followed up with a personalised at home haircare routine straight from the shower. And with the right products, you can make this transition period easy as pie!

“In-salon, I recommend the Kérastase Fusio-Dose Treatment, done every 8 weeks when you are having your hair cut”

James Galvin Style Director at Daniel Galvin

And while we’re on the subject of trims, it’s important to make sure you’re having them done regularly, in order to remove any damage before it travels up your strands and wreaks havoc on your plans of conquering hair regrowth like a pro.

woman with short brown hair in a field

Growing out your hair requires nourishment and protection. Why?

“If you don’t give your hair the proper care when growing it out, the ends become weak and thin and more prone to breakage and split ends. Unfortunately this means at some point, you will need a lot cut off to thicken them up”

James Galvin Style Director at Daniel Galvin

These are some hair regrowth side effects we’re happy to miss out on, thank you very much.

“The key is to keep hair strong and moisturised via advanced in-salon and at-home care to reduce the need for aggressive trimming”, explains the pro. After all, “there is no point in having long hair unless it is healthy and the ends are strong. Healthy, thick ends create more natural movement in the hair, making it look thicker and often more shiny”

James Galvin Style Director at Daniel Galvin

Consider us convinced: to get on top of hair regrowth, healthy hair is key!

woman with short blonde hair

So what’s the best at-home haircare routine for hair regrowth? It starts with the right hair regrowth shampoo!

“Use the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair to strengthen and nourish it”, James advises.“At home, I recommend the Kérastase Resistance Extentioniste Range. Use the Kérastase Resistance Bain Extentioniste and Kérastase Resistance Fondant Extentioniste in your daily routine and the Kérastase Resistance Masque Extentioniste as a weekly treatment”

James Galvin Style Director at Daniel Galvin

The shampoo is designed to fortify and strengthen your budding tresses, while the conditioner detangles and add smoothness, making brushing your growing locks easier, which minimises damage. Finally, the mask helps to provide your tresses with a powerful dose of TLC to make sure they’re healthy enough to grow long and strong.

I would also recommend using an oil to add moisture in the ends of the hair as they tend to be the most dehydrated, dry and damaged. This is because the hair at the end is the oldest”, explains James. “I advise clients to use Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oil to add moisture and nourishment, especially at the ends. And bonus, it’s a heat protector too”

James Galvin Style Director at Daniel Galvin

We love us a multi-use product! Remember the journey to beautiful hair regrowth begins with how you care for it.

The Best Hair Regrowth Styling Tips

Making hair regrowth easier doesn’t stop with your haircare routine- it also comes down to how you style it. Here’s how to make hair regrowth styling as chic as possible using some coiffing magic:

1. Try Updos

These allow you to be creative, playing with your strands or leaving them loose, or mixing trends like braids with a ponytail or bun. They will also help to tuck away your awkward length when you need to hide in plain sight. Leave the hats at home- updos are the way to look stylish while dealing with the hair regrowth transition.

2. Embrace Styling Products

These will help you create different effects and textures, and keep your style lasting longer.

3. Get Casual

For informal occasions, style your hair with a heating tool or naturally with styling foam for an unstructured but chic look.

Hair Regrowth: How To Grow Out Bangs

Deciding that you no longer want bangs can be challenging on the hair regrowth scale, especially when they reach pesky-level lengths. To make the transition that much simpler, we’ve got a few handy tips just for you. How you style them depends on the density, shape and texture of your bangs, but in order to keep them out of your face, try Kérastase Couture Styling Laque Noire for a side-swept style that doesn’t hint at any awkward hair regrowth going on behind the scenes. 

woman with brunette bangs wearing a hat

Another great way to make growing out your bangs your bag is with gel for a wet effect look that makes hair regrowth feel like a walk in the park. Some well placed hair accessories can help to tie the look together, while holding back any unruly strands. Alternatively, you can also choose hairstyles that make your fringe disappear by mixing it with the rest of your hair. Make hair regrowth fun by getting creative with how you style.

Care for your locks with the right hair regrowth tips and style out hair growth like a pro - you’ll be back to your Rapunzel lengths in no time.
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