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How To Maintain Blonde Hair: Shine Brighter For Longer

Elizabeth Hall
11 February 2019
woman wearing a hat with long blonde hair

Caution: blonde hair must be treated with care! Sporting blonde hair should be nothing but fun, but what about the maintenance that comes with it? Because we think bright hair should be recognised for its brilliance, we’ve got all the top tips you need on how to keep a bright, vibrant colour without worrying about the F word - fading. Read on to discover the best tricks of the trade on how to maintain your beautiful blonde hair!

Why Hair Care Is So Important To Maintain Blonde Hair

Most routes to blonde involve using bleach or some form of pre-lightening. As bleach can sensitise hair bonds making them more prone to damage, this means it’s necessary to use hair-repairing treatments to keep your hair and colour looking fierce. Simply put, your hair is going to require a lot of TLC to help your strands stay in tip-top shape. So in order to truly have more fun (myth or not) blonde hair must be treated with care - read on for the hair routine you need to integrate ASAP.

How To Maintain Blonde Hair: First Steps

Maintaining blonde hair starts in the salon and ends in your shower. The first important step when embark on your bright blonde journey begins in the hands of your stylist - before going blonde, ask them to mix in a bond-protecting agent such as Redken’s pH Bonder treatment. Unfortunately as your hair’s discolouration increases to get you to a raw colour, so too does the rate of breakage. Thankfully, pH Bond’s acid formula saves the day by preserving hair bonds to make being a blonde everything it was meant to be - brilliant!

Next up on your in-salon blonde maintenance to-do list is a thorough debrief, so you know how to continue the care back at yours. Think of your stylist as your hair doctor… do a hair diagnosis with your stylist followed by an appropriate product recommendation - two steps that are key in minimising damage. There you have it: the secret of how to maintain blonde hair starts with good communication between you and your stylist!

How To Keep Blonde Hair Bright

One of the main enemies that can threaten the beauty of your blonde are brassy tones, which can develop over time. To avoid this unwanted orange-y guest and properly maintain your blonde hair, the necessary at-home steps need to be taken. One of the top culprits is the oxidation of colour from over-washing your locks. Golden rule (pun intended): limit your shampoos to once every three days to keep your colour going strong and blonde, and use a blonde-specific product (see below). The blonde hair no-no: avoid clarifying shampoos as they can strip your hair, leaving it dehydrated, dry and no bueno.

Remember to use a colour-friendly conditioner, as well as a mask (once a week) that will help to maintain your bright blonde colour. Water that contains a higher degree of minerals can also rob your blonde of its brightness, so think about investing in a demineralising showerhead filter. As much as we love the burning ball in the sky that is the sun (hello tan!), UV rays can also cause blonde hair to turn brassy. 

Product Arsenal To Maintain Blonde Hair

So now you know the steps to take, which products should you be using? Your silky strands should be treated like gold and with these tips, you’ll be rich with advice. Here are a few pro-proofed products to maintain blonde hair.

Prep Wisely

Give your blonde hair the TLC it needs by prepping hair with a pre-colour treatment, like pH-Bonder, which is designed to mend hair bonds that have been damaged by bleach and hair colour. Follow up with the at-home treatment once a week for the bright hair you’ve always dreamt of.

Shower Allies

A trusted shampoo and conditioner are the secrets to keeping hair brass-free and radiant. We recommend using Color Extend Blondage by Redken. This line is armed with a unique technology consisting of citric acid and violet pigments, preventing the oxidation of your bright blonde colour.If you’re not familiar with the wonders of a hair mask then allow us to introduce your new hair ally: L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Blondifier, a key product to maintain your blonde hair at it’s shiniest potential! 

Monthly Treatments

Don’t forget to undergo a monthly treatment at your salon to ensure your specific hair concerns are addressed. We love Redken services like Heatcure and Chemistry Cat, to help reconstruct, hydrate, and maintain blonde hair for dazzling results.

Life on the lighter side should always be brilliant and brass-free! Follow these pro tips on how to maintain blonde hair to ensure you’re having fun (as all blondes should) and your locks are forever illuminated.

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