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Itchy And Scratchy? What Causes An Itchy Scalp And How To Help Stop It

Elizabeth Hall
13 December 2018
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Hidden under the beautiful blanket that is your hair, your scalp may be causing you grief - but rest assured, you’re not alone! Everyone and their mother has experienced some semblance of itchy scalp issues. If you’re on the hunt for an itchy scalp remedy then you landed on the right page. We walk you through this common perplexing concern and bring you what you want - answers and solutions. Time to address and put to rest this maddening problem once and for all. Scroll on to restore the calm!

Itchy Scalp Causes 

It’s time to say goodbye to your itchy scalp. A simple awareness of your scalp health could indicate that there’s an underlying issue. If your scalp is healthy, chances are there are bigger things going on in your life so you don’t think about it. Simply put, if your itchy scalp is on your mind, something may not be right. Whilst it is a very common concern, it’s not one we think you should have to live with... and with the perfect itchy scalp remedy, you don’t have to. If you’re tearing your hair out over this issue, there are some common itchy scalp causes. Let’s dive in so you can begin your journey to scalp serenity. 

1. The Dreaded D: Dandruff

You might be in denial over this scalp struggle, viewing it as a source of shame, but listen up: it’s time to accept your dandruff with open arms. It’s perfectly normal, and by acknowledging it, you can address it. This skin problem is caused by an overgrowth of Malassezia yeast, which all scalps are home to - but when production gets out of hand, this is when those lil’ white flakes can begin to form. If this is your itchy scalp cause then we have good news, as there’s a whole arsenal of products to get that scalp back in to tip-top shape. Try out Kérastase’s Specifique Anti-pelliculaire range to fight the flakes. 

2. Build-Up, Buttercup 

If your cabinets and shower caddy are overflowing with hair products, we totally get you. Finding the perfect hair oils and serums to get the shiny locks you’ve always dreamed of is a very rewarding feeling. However, while these miracle products can work wonders for your tresses, overtime, if not washed out properly they can become a nuisance to your poor scalp. Dry shampoo is another product that can contribute to build-up, if not used correctly. Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to abandon your trusty companion - just make sure you give your strands a wash every few days to give them some room to “breathe”. 

3. A Thirsty Scalp

If your skin is dry, it will itch. Dry legs, arms, nose… you name it, it will be itchy regardless of where it is. Hydrated skin is soothed and conditioned (possibly the best feeling ever) and more importantly, can help to keep allergens and irritants out. On the contrary, dry skin can feel tight and annoyingly itchy. If your scalp is dry AF, then this is the symptom lineup you can expect. First, try out a nourishing deep conditioning treatment and/or scalp treatment But if these don’t seem to be doing the trick, it’s best to seek help from your doctor, as it could be an issue in need of medical attention.

4. Sweat, Baby, Sweat

If you’re able to pull off a three-day streak of not shampooing your hair, we salute you! But, if you’ve just given 100% effort at a super-sweat spinning class and skipped a shower, it could be the reason for your irritatingly itchy scalp. Dry sweat can irritate the skin and leave it with an unforgiving itch.


Itchy Scalp Soothers - Time To Say Goodbye!

If you’re contending with an itchy dome, it’s time to treat the issue head-on - literally. There may not a be a one-size-fits-all approach to this issue since your itchy scalp causes could stem from a variety of causes, but with these products in your shower you have a fighting chance to combat your itch.

Calling all naturalistas: if you’re into an organic approach, this is the itchy scalp product for you. L'Oréal Professionnel Source Essentielle Delicate Shampoo is derived from 80% natural origin ingredients and was made for beauties with a sensitive scalp. It helps leave your scalp feeling soothed, whilst removing impurities and oils and leaving hair lustrous and supple. 

Overly-sensitive scalp? Kérastase Specifique Bain Dermo-Calm Shampoo allows you to indulge in a bit of hair-scalp therapy with its hypoallergenic formula that leaves an itchy scalp feeling soothed and leaves your hair soft and silky. 

L'Oréal Professionnel Sensi Balance Shampoo performs the perfect balancing act of calming your scalp and leaving your crown refreshed. Pop to your salon to get this scalp-saving goody!

If the itchiness persists or gets worse, be sure to consult your doctor to ensure it isn’t an underlying medical condition. Your hair may be your crowning jewel, but pretty, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp!

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