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Keeping Dry Hair At Bay: Your Guide To Hydrating Your Hair

Elizabeth Hall
29 January 2019
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Hydrated hair solutions are like the elixir of hair life - after all, hair can always benefit from more hydration. Like turning straw into silk, we delve deep into the world of everything you need to know about turning dry hair into hydrated hair. Wave goodbye to dry hair, because this train is heading to hydration station!

The Causes Of Dry Hair

Right off the bat, it’s important to address exactly what dry hair is before delving into how to get hydrated hair. Dry hair makes an appearance when the cuticle is injured. This happens when hair is exposed to things like chemicals (bleaches and hair colour), styling tools and the environment (sun and wind). So if you’ve been hitting the heating tools a little too frequently or changing up your colour on the reg, your hair might be looking and feeling drier than usual. But fear not, this isn’t to say you need to avoid the sun forever or never blowdry your hair again. There are tailor made solutions to kiss dehydrated hair goodbye forever!

So, how can you tell if your hair is dry? Dry hair emits these tell-tale signs: lack of shine, easily tangled, and a rough, brittle texture. If you’re checking yes to all this signs, your hair is probably in need of a healthy dose of hydration.

How To Hydrate Hair: The Routine For You

To avoid dehydrated hair, you need to first give your locks some love (a big ol’ metaphorical drink) in the shower. The Kérastase Nutritive range covers all your dry hair concerns from slight brittness to parched AF tresses. The range works to make your hair lustrous by nourishing your strands, replenishing shine whilst unleashing the powers of detangling! A very important step in your hair care routine is also to protect your hair from the effects of heating tools. To keep dryness at bay, always make sure to use a heat protector prior to applying the heat. We love Nectar Thermique Blow Dry Primera leave-in treatment you can use before styling for shiniest, healthiest results!

If your hair is very dry and you need professional help, it may be time to book a consultation with your stylist. They can provide a bespoke treatment created for you to target your precise dry hair needs head on.

The Power Of A Mask On Dehydrated Hair

Another professional way to prevent or repair dry hair is with a hydrating hair mask. Easy to apply, this high concentration of ingredients leaves hair stronger, shinier and more nourished.   

Experts recommend the Elixir Ultime Hair Mask. This remarkable cream requires just 15 minutes of your time, for multiple days’ worth of shine. Simply massage it into your hair and comb through to distribute it all over. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly, et voila, silky, soft tresses. No dryness here! 

Get your hair glow back with the right dose of hair hydration!

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