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Lustrous Locks: How To Combat Female Frontal Hair Thinning

12 February 2019
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Perhaps you are shying away from your staple ponytail as it exposes your thinning hair or your fringe may be covering less and less of your forehead. You may be experiencing female frontal hair thinning. We take a closer look at why this thinning process occurs and what you can do to face up to it. Reclaim your beautiful, luscious locks, as well as your confidence!

What Can Be The Causes Of Female Frontal Hair Thinning?

Female frontal hair thinning can occur due to a number of reasons, the main causes being the following:

  • Genetics
  • Poor nutrition
  • Medicines
  • Stress
  • Hormonal problems
  • Hair Strain

Much like all parts of our body, hair requires a healthy environment and system to flourish. When hair starts to thin, it is more visible at the front of the head because this is where hair starts growing. Women often notice it when putting their hair in a fool proof pony and notice less volume than before.

How To Close The Door On Female Frontal Hair Thinning

You’re not alone if you feel like you’re fighting a hair battle against female frontal hair thinning, but don’t sit back and let your mojo fall by the wayside - get back to feeling yourself using the L'Oréal Professionnel Serioxyl range. Designed to treat thinning hair, it offers a solution to all-over and frontal hair thinning. Want to hear more?

First, in order to pave the way to thicker hair, you should seek the help of your hair stylist who will provide you with a personalised diagnosis to know if Serioxyl is the best option for you - after all, everyone is different, and a one treatment-approach does not always fill all. If your hair profile does match this solution, your stylist can begin the treatment.

A Salon Treatment At Home For Female Frontal Hair Thinning

Most of the treatment will take place inside your four walls - for real results, a quick solution is not the answer! In order to actually feel and see a difference, home treatment is very important – you’ll need to use the products consistently for at least three months. Luckily, L'Oréal Professionnel has come to the rescue. It is very important to continue with the correct treatment at home. This should include the Kit Fuller Hair and Denser Hair treatment. These treatments are designed for thinning hair  In addition and to add density, Serum Thicker can be added to the treatment. It’s also recommended that you apply some drops onto the scalp and gently massage them in before going to bed. Scalp massages are a great way to boost circulation around the hair follicles too.

Combating Female Frontal Hair Thinning with 3 Easy Steps

Your at-home hair thinning remedy lies in just three easy steps that will have you on your way to thicker looking hair in three months. Each product contains a top ingredient to battle hair thinning, steamoxydin.

1. Clarifiant Shampoo

Created to refresh and gently cleanse your hair, it softly removes all the bad stuff to leave your hair feeling super light and fresh af (but not thin!)

2. Corporisant Conditioner

This conditioner is designed to give hair just the right amount of density in an instant, without making your hair feel too weighty or heavy.

3. Densifiant Mousse

Used to give your hair the shape and style you want, this mousse should be applied from root to the tip to volumise the entirety of the hair.

With these steps, you’ll be on your way to fuller, luscious locks in no time.

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