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Say Hello To A New Way To Care For Your Scalp

Elizabeth Hall
22 December 2019
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Sometimes just washing your hair isn’t enough, and even though your haircare routine may be one of your top priorities (ours is), sometimes your scalp just needs a little extra TLC. We don’t always think about it, but we put our scalps through a lot. Think about it: dry shampoo, oil, sweat, even pollution all plays a role in scalp health. If you’re looking for the perfect care for your scalp and your hair then we we’ve found the perfect product for you, enter: Kérastase Fusio Scrub range. Designed to help save your scalp from unbearable itchiness and irritability, the Fusio Scrub haircare line really comes through as one of the best scalp scrubs on salon shelves. Scroll through for more on the range that’s sure to make a change!

Fusio Scalp Scrub - The Answer To An Itchy Scalp

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Those that have suffered from an itchy scalp know that while it isn’t the most chic haircare topic, it’s pretty unbearable to live with, so that taboo ends now. Instead, we’re going to gift you with the lowdown on one of the most important hair products to date, a scalp scrub. We cover the Kérastase Fusio Scrub range, the haircare line that’s about to make a big splash in salons around the globe. With more women aware of the crucial role the scalp plays in your hairs health, we expect this one to create some hype. Read on for sweet scalp relief!

What is Fusio Scrub?

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Itchy, irritated, inflamed heads are a common occurrence amongst an alarming amount of us, you aren’t alone. Diet, genetics, whatever the cause, you just want a calm scalp! You might have an instinct to just double-up on the shampoo, but that’s only going to make matters worse. Don’t make any rookie mistakes, reach for a scalp scrub to help exfoliate all the culprits that cause irritation off your dome. The Kérastase Fusio Scrub range was made for scalp-sufferers to deeply cleanse the hair and scalp of pollution particles (yuck), dandruff, grease and product build-up.

What does Fusio Scalp Scrub Consist Of?

The line offers two products: the Kérastase Fusio Scrub Apaisant, ideal for sensitive scalps and the Kérastase Fusio Scrub Energisant, a purifying scrub that tackles oil-prone scalps. When it comes to perfecting a haircare product, Kérastase does it best- these deeply exfoliating scrubs are proof.

What Scalp Scrub Products Should I Go For?

If it’s dryness, dandruff and flakiness that is ailing you, go for the Fusio Scrub Apaisant (better for if you have a sensitive scalp). Oil and dandruff plaguing your scalp and weighing down your lengths? The Fusio Scrub Energisant should have a place in your shower caddy- it’s formulated with sea salt to scrub the scalp and Vitamin B6 and Salicylic Acid to calm irritations. Replace your regular shampoo with one of these clever scrubs once a week for a scalp transformation. 

How To Use Fusio Scrub

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when using a scalp scrub is scrubbing way too hard. Exfoliate your scalp just as you would your face, it’s the same skin! Apply a little bit of the scrub onto your wet scalp and begin to massage in small circular motions, as you add water you should start to create a whipped foam. Once you’ve covered your entire head in this cleansing foam, rinse away with warm water. Presto- gorgeous scalp, gorgeous hair.

Where Can I Buy Specialist Scalp Scrubs and Treatments?

You can only find this product in professional salons.

As you can only find this scalp scrub in professional salons, we recommend going to chat to your hairstylist. Your professional can help you to create a haircare routine that nourishes your hair and your scalp, and can give you their top hacks on scalp scrubs, techniques, and insider tips on this common concern.

If you want to dive into the world of scalp scrubs and scalp health, we love Kérastase Bain Satin 1 - this shampoo was formulated to help nourish dry hair whilst protecting the hair fibre from oxidation. Follow up with the Kérastase Lait Vital conditioner for further lightweight nourishment for your precious locks. This combo works to combat dryness (a scalp’s worst enemy) while leaving minimal product residue, it’s basically scalp-friendly! Hit your head with a heavy dose of concentrated scalp goodies with Kérastase Initialiste Scalp serum; see the gorge results after just one use, instant gratification at its finest. Use this product after each shampoo for noticeably healthier locks and a calm, happy scalp.

Add Fusio Scalp Scrub to your haircare routine for a balanced scalp and a mane that screams #hairgoals.

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