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Split Ends: The Professional Response

Elizabeth Hall
21 January 2019
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You’ve been growing out your hair for months to enviable lengths, and yet there’s something standing in the way between you and long hair perfection: split ends. Whether you’re aiming for more length to your hair, reducing breakage and fly-aways, or simply needing to strengthen your strands, it seems like an impossible feat when you can’t keep your split ends at bay. We’re here to your hair rescue with advice on how to break up with breakage.

What Causes Split Ends?

Those pesky split ends can be caused by a multitude of factors: from a genetic predisposition to brittle hair (thanks genes), constant changes of humidity and temperature, over-washing, infrequent trimming, with some reports have even put the blame on your diet… can we get a break already (not our hair, please!)? In actual fact, when not used correctly, some beautifying treatments can actually cause the most damage to our tresses - ironic, but true. Straightening, blow drying, and colouring your hair can leave it feeling dry, prone to breakage and eventually to split-ends. We would never deliver such news without a solution, so read on to learn the tricks of the trade on how to stop those ends from splitting!

A Scientific View Of Split Ends

Looking to go a step further in your understanding of split-ends? Years’ of research have determined that hair proteins known as KAPS (Keratin Associated Proteins) disappear when hair is damaged, resulting in erosion, and eventually, collapse of the hair’s structure.


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How To Deal With Split Ends

If you’ve been looking to reach Rapunzel hair lengths but have been previously unsuccessful, here's what you’ve been waiting for - the solutions. There are a few ways to go about treating split ends (in addition to a pair of scissors).

For example, conditioning hair prior to shampooing to protect the hair fibre - can help keep your hair protected from damage and split-ends.

The Extreme Length Range by Redken was made for your #longhairgoals because it helps keep your ends protected between trims. Want to really cut out the appearance of split ends (without actually cutting hair)? Apply Redken Extreme Length Primer Rinse Out Treatment followed by the Extreme Length Sealer Split-End Treatment for instant results. The results will not disappoint - hair is left feeling thicker and more lustrous. Hair flip.

The experts swear by the Résistance Thérapiste range by KérastaseThe products work by employing a breakthrough technology to work with hair that has been weakened by chemical or mechanical aggressions, to leave it feeling strong and beautiful. Another product to call a hair hero, Kérastase Soin Premier Thérapiste is an intensive repair conditioner that can help breathe new life into brittle, processed hair.

Remember, the secret to overcoming split ends lies in science, but exercising daily care prevents hair damage in the first place. Reducing heat styling, an effective hair care regimen, and even a balanced and nutritious diet (any excuse to eat more avocados!), could all collectively help you to obtain those quick-fire strands!


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