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Summer Of Hair Love – The Pro Tips To Summer Loving Locks

Elizabeth Hall
03 August 2019
woman with long red hair in summer

Warmer weather is finally upon us and summer hair 2019 would be nothing without these secret weapons your strands can’t live without. The blessings that summer-y weather rains down on us are incredible: poolside chilling, backyard barbeques, and a whole lot of beach time. In a perfect world, indulging in the pleasures of this season would have no consequence. But it’s real life… and the UV rays, salt water, and humidity can wreak havoc on your hair. If you’ve tried every summer hair product under the sun and can’t find the one, it’s your lucky day. Our man with a plan, Tom Connell, International Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie tells us how to enjoy the summer season without sacrificing healthy hair.

long brown hair in summer

‘Tis The Sea-Sun For Summer Hair Care

We asked our pro to help suss out the biggest mistakes people make with their hair in the summer, and he gave it to us straight.

One of the biggest hair care mistakes I see my clients making is thinking that they don’t need to protect their hair from the sun. Just like your skin, hair can become damaged from excessive exposure to the sun and it’s important to protect tresses with a product like L’Oréal Professionnel Solar Sublime UV Protector Spray

Tom Connell International Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie

Think of this product like sunscreen for hair, because girls just want to have sun (without the UV damage)!

The Secret To Silky Summer Hair 2019

If you want full, shiny, summer hair, it’s time to take note of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to looking after your tresses in the heat. With the help of our expert, we talk you through the best and worst summer hair habits because - beach please - neglecting your locks is not a look.

Summer Hair 2019 Do’s

1. Always Use A Heat Protectant

It is important to protect your hair from other daily aggressors, such as heat damage. Using a styling product with a heat protector spray like L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Pli will also help to maintain the health of the hair

Tom Connell International Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie

We love this product because in addition to offering heat protection, it gives your hair body that just won’t quit

2. Multi-Mask

You do it for your skin, why not for your hair? If you’re a frequent shampooer, this should be a non-negotiable step in your summer hair care routine to ensure your locks stay hydrated and full of lustre. What does the pro suggest?

Caring for your hair is paramount, a product like L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Absolut Repair Masque which contains golden quinoa for added protein is ideal for restoring hair health and preventing damage

Tom Connell International Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie

You should be masking twice a week, or three times if you shampoo daily.

3. Try Heat-Free Hairstyles

Avoiding heat styling during the summer months is a great way to prevent further damage to your hair.

Plaiting the hair before bed, partially wet, is a great way to wake up with waves and a little texture in the hair. Play around with the way you plait the hair, the thicker the plait section the looser the waves. Letting the hair dry in a tight low ponytail will help to achieve flatter roots with a natural texture through the ends

Tom Connell International Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie

4. See Your Stylist For Regular Trims

hair being styled in salon

Scheduling an appointment at a salon may seem like the last thing on your mind in the midst of summer vacay, but the pro warns of its importance

Regular salon visits to maintain your trims and treatments will ensure optimum hair health

Tom Connell International Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie

Summer Hair 2019 Don’ts

1. Blow Dry Hair Daily

With the heat turning up, it’s the perfect time to put the blow dryer down. With more women embracing their natural texture, this is not only better for your hair’s health, but it’s also trendy! We’ll take it - more time spent chillin’ by the pool!

2. Forget Protection

This applies to your crowning glory, of course.

Remember your hat when in the sun and use a range specifically designed to protect the hair from UV rays such as the L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Solar Sublime range

Tom Connell International Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie

This range protects your hair before and after sun exposure, leaving it silky-smooth so you can tropic like it’s hot without stressing about your strands.

3. Colour Your Hair Without The Guidance Of A Pro

We know that the pros know best… this is why a consultation with your stylist is vital in getting the exact shade you want.

Anticipate that your hair will lighten during the summer months, especially if you plan to travel to sunny destinations. You should speak to your colourist about colouring your hair with this sun exposure in mind, so not to end up with your hair lighter than you would prefer

Tom Connell International Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie

We think that hair alchemy should be left to the experts.

4. Skip Conditioner

woman with natural curly brown hair

This kind of goes without saying, but just a friendly reminder - always, always, always condition your hair after shampooing. Take it from Tom:

Conditioner is optimum. So if your hair has a tendency to become drier in the summer, invest in a more intensive moisturising shampoo and conditioner like the L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Nutrifier collection, to give your hair condition additional nourishment and helps to combat humidity

Tom Connell International Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie

5. Forget To Look After Your Specific Hair Type

No two heads of hair are the same, which is why they have different needs.

Fine and thinning hair could potentially be prone to becoming oily more frequently in the summer months due to the warm weather causing us to perspire more. This can be combated by avoiding heavy oils or serums and using a lighter shampoo and conditioner, remembering to double cleanse the hair will also help to remove any product build up. Thick and curly hair has the potential to become dryer due to sun exposure (and potential salt or chlorine water on holidays)

Tom Connell International Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie

There you have it, follow these do’s and don’ts for the most silky summer hair out there!

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