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Tame Those Flyaways! 3 Tips To Get Rid Of Static Hair

21 January 2019
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It’s tricky to sidestep static hair - whether it’s from trying to keep warm with a hat and scarf in the colder months or from simply from having dry hair, we all encounter the predicament. Thankfully we have enlisted the expertise of Adam Reed, Editorial Ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel has some tips on how to get rid of hair flyaways and static hair.

1. Static Hair = Dry Hair

We know that in winter, the harsh cold winds and cranked up indoor heating do not do your hair any favors. However cosy we may feel in our heated homes whilst watching others slide around in the rain, it’s not so comfortable for our winter hair and can cause us to get static hair. Experts say that intense weather calls for intensive hair care countermeasures. Adam stresses an essential hair care tip: Central heating causes hair to dehydrate, it can become dry damaged and static - it’s all about prevention so it’s a good idea to use a hair treatment as this will ensure hair stays hydrated.”

It is important to remember that a change in temperature causing dry hair should mean a change in your hair care routine. With the main hair obstacle of the colder seasons being the severe lack of moisture, introducing more hydrating and nourishing treatments into your hair care routine is a fundamental step towards preventing static hair.

In this case, long lasting nourishment and hydration for your hair begins with the scalp. The scalp is the most sensitive to seasonal changes, so a dry and flaky scalp could result in brittle, and thus static hair. Locking in moisture starting right at the scalp using deep conditioning treatments is one of the most effective ways to keep you from having dry hair.

2. Avoid Over Washing Static Hair

Ever wondered how often should I wash my hair? (Spoiler alert: not daily!) Squash those bad habits early! Another main reason hair dries out and becomes annoyingly staticky is frequent hair washing - it’s a common misconception that frequently washing your hair keeps it in better condition, but trust us: this is false! Over washing your you hair strips away the nutrients from your strands that your hair needs to stay nourished and shiny.

“Over washing hair stimulates the sebaceous glands so it becomes oily, you’re not giving your hair a break so it will become static hair”, Adam states. “The more you shampoo, the more you will need to shampoo but if you leave it then it will stop being so oily. I advise washing every 2-3 days to reduce static hair, oiliness and dandruff.”

Adam Reed Founding Partner & Director, Percy & Reed, London

Alternating some days with a dry shampoo will allow your hair to hold onto more of those all-important oils.

3. Winterwear For Static Hair

Constantly wrapping up in your thick winter gear makes your hairmore prone to damage as the rough contact gradually wears down the hair fibers. Take more care when buying winter wear by choosing hats and scarves that are high in quality and made from gentle material. Adam also advises you care for your hair whilst catching up on zzz’s “wear a silk hat to bed to help reduce static hair as the material will prevent frizz build up, unlike your pillow which can cause hair friction” eek Adam, we will defo be investing in a sassy silk sleep hat now!

Ultimately, the lesson to be learnt in how to stop static hair is prevention. “Prevention is key and using an oil in your hair will help to prevent unwanted fuzzy hair” says Adam, “L’Oréal Professionnel TecniArt Pli is absolutely brilliant for reducing static prone hair too.” This is something the fashion week favourite encounters often.

“Many people when they style their hair to prevent static flyaways often end up making their hair look oily and heavy, they apply too much oil after styling. What you should actually do to prevent static hair is spray a brush and pull it through the hair. This will pick up the static and take it out of the hair.”

Adam Reed Founding Partner & Director, Percy & Reed, London

Smooth out your flyaways for good and say by bye to static hair with these 3 professional tips!
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