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Weak Hair: The What, How And Why, According To A Pro

Elizabeth Hall
29 January 2020
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Weak hair getting you down? We’ve got the solution to turn that weak hair -related frown upside down with the best tips and tricks in the wonderful world of hair care. Fight damage and get your hair back on track for good with these pro-approved methods today!

The Weakest Link: What Is Weak Hair?

Beginning with the burning question on everyone’s minds, we’re taking it from the top to discuss everything you need to know about the war on weak hair. When we think of hair, the first thing to come to mind is drab, fragile and dull. The first thing you hate to notice? Fragility. An overall lacklustre appearance is another big component. So if you’re noticing a lot of breakage and split ends and your hair is looking less-than-lustrous, you may be experiencing weak hair. The important thing to do is put a stop to it before the breakage worsens and travels up your tresses, wreaking havoc on your hair’s health and giving you permanent weak hair. Now that we’ve identified the what, the next step is the why (no seriously, y tho).

The Root Of It: What Causes Weak Hair?

There are many, many things that can contribute to weak hair, from the type of brush you use, to a genetic predisposition, and plenty of other culprits in-betweens… however for the sake of practicality, we’re covering the most likely factors that could be contributing to your weak hair game. The pros tell us the these are the most common causes of weak hair:

  • Chemically processing hair (your bangin’ blonde balayage)
  • Excessive use of styling tools (straighteners, hair dryers, etc.)
  • External agents (good ‘ol mother nature: such as the sun, pollution and water)

The Best Way To Repair Weak Hair

All the factors above can contribute to weak hair that is crying o ut for nourishment. Give your hair all the protection it needs with shampoo for weak hair. Kérastase Résistance Bain Thérapiste Shampoois a powerful product that packs a punch, helping to provide your locks with the strength and health it needs to be revitalised. Just one of the solutions to add to your beauty arsenal in the war on weak hair. So the best method to repair weak hair? Prevention, girl yaaas. Incorporate a thermo-protecting product according to your hair’s needs. Our favourite for dry and weak hair: Kérastase Nectar Thermiquefor frizzy hair: Kérastase Keratine Thermique; and for weak hair: Kérastase Ciment Thermique. To help protect your strands against chemical-related damage, use L'Oréal Professionnel Smartbond bond strengthening system. This in-salon service will protect your hair’s integrity throughout the entire chemical process.

Something you may not have thought about that may be damaging your hair? The environment. Perhaps she’s taking her revenge... but yup, sun and pollution can also contribute to weak hair. Luckily, we have some stellar advice on the subject: for external damages, you should approach your hair care the same way you do with your skin depending on the season. We recommend using pro-fav Kérastase Soleil Range for summer. To guard hair against pollution, ask your stylist about the in-salon Kérastase Détox Ritual. And while you’re sitting in your stylist’s chair, remember to keep your hair healthy by asking for a deep conditioning treatment once a month.

And finally, to prevent weak thinning hair, we leave you with an easy step that can help change your weak hair game - use Kérastase Elixir Ultime L’Huile Original twice a day to deeply nourish dull hair. Bonus: it has a non-greasy texture!

Follow these tips to revitalise locks and make weak hair a thing of the past, for good.   

For more information on how to repair weak hair, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair professional near you.

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