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What Treatment Is Your Hair In Need Of?

18 September 2018
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Experts are unanimous: hair must be treated individually, just like you would treat your skin. To get the most out of your hair treatment, it is important to distinguish its exact needs. If you’re not sure what these are, our expert hair stylists are here to help you obtain the correct diagnostic, in order to equip you with the ability to restore your hair to its optimal state.

We teamed up with Paul Edmonds, Shu Uemura Art of Hair Styling Ambassador to find out exactly what hair treatment you need. “With modern hair care it's very prescriptive so depending on your hairs moisture or protein levels, I would personalise the treatment to your needs to improve overall hair condition, style hold, and shine.” Paul advises prescriptive treaments that are focussed on improving your hair’s condition. 
“The right treatments can also benefit scalp and hair health. Shu Uemura has released the Essence Absolue Overnight Serum which is a great at home treatment to revitalise length  “

Paul Edmonds Internationally Hair Stylist

How Often Should I Use Hair Treatments

You should ensure you have a decent care regime but treatments should be a treat and not for daily use. “I would always recommend a weekly or bi-weekly treatment within your hair care regime to maintain optimum hair health” says Paul.

“External aggressors such as the sun, water and air pollution break down the hair fibre. A hair treatment can support the hairs restoration leaving it full of life and luster“

Paul Edmonds Internationally Hair Stylist

If your curls are out of control, discipline them…

TheDiscipline range from Kérastase ticks all the boxes, taming and defining your curls, all the while strengthening hair fibres. In particular, experts advise use of these top three products from the range:

-Cleansing conditioner Curl Ideal to cleanse your hair of impurities. More than a simple cleanser, this 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner nourishes your curly hair, thanks to its pro-keratin formula

- Masque Curl Ideal to define your curls. This product will consolidate the elasticity in your curls while adding volume – an essential component of curly hair

- Oléo-Curlto texturize your loops: a treatment with a supple texture that will help you define and fix your bouncy curls


If you want to boost the shine in your coloured hair…

As with all colour-treated hair, it is imperative to maintain it with an adapted hair care regimen. Our experts suggest that you to use the Vitamino Colour A-OX range by L’Oréal Professionnel, which helps to maintain the radiance of your coloured hair, leaving the pigments looking shiny and fresh. Specifically, experts recommend using the following products:

- Vitamino Colour A-OX shampoo to cleanse your hair. This product enriched with anti-oxidants and UV filters will help you to prolong the gloss of your colour

- Gel mask to treat your hair. Not only will this product nourish the weakened and damaged areas of coloured hair, it will also protect it against external aggression's

- Colour 10 in 1 to texture your strands. This primer spray will provide instant benefits that add shine to your colour. Experts strongly recommend use of this product both before and after colouring

For healthy hair, don’t neglect your scalp…

Every day, your hair and your scalp are exposed to environmental aggression's that endanger their health. Kérastase created a range dedicated to maintaining a healthy scalp: Spécifique. This is a new collection, which starts in the salon and ends at home. Our expert suggests that you use these three products in particular for a healthy scalp:

- Bain Vital Dermo Calm to cleanse your hair. Dermo Calm is specially designed for sensitive scalps in order to relieve discomforts such as burns, redness, itching and tingling.

- Masque Hydra-Apaisant to treat your scalp conditions. This product soothes and hydrates your sensitive scalp. It is ideal for all hair types, leaving it soft and refreshed.

- Cure Apaisante to intensely treat your sensitive scalp. This highly concentrated product will sooth your scalp discomforts such as itchiness, irritation and inflammation in just 4 weeks.

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