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9 Things Your Hairdresser Needs To Know Before You Take The Hair Hot Seat

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04 September 2019
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If you love visiting the hair salon as much as we do- and we know you do, you might be wondering what kind of things your hairdresser wants to know before you take the hair hot seat. In order to get your transformation just right, we recommend having a chat with your hairstylist (aka: your fairy godmother,) about what your hair goals are and what to do before a hair appointment. To help you know what you need to give your hairstylist the insider on we’ve prepared the ultimate list of 9 things your hairdresser wants to know before your appointment, so let’s get chatting;

9 Things Your Hairdresser Wants To Know


‘L’ for lifestyle. One of the main things your hairdresser wants to know before you begin your hair transformation is all about you, and your lifestyle. Chat to your stylist about things like if you’re an updo, or a hair down kinda girl, if you spend time grooming your locks into perfection, or if #wokeuplikethis is more your style. This kind of insider on your lifestyle and your habits will help your stylist to mastermind your ideal ‘do.

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One of the main things your hairdresser wants to know is all about your complexion. It’s a great idea to go into the salon in person when booking a hair appointment so your stylist can analyse your skin tone, face shape, and eye colour. This is especially key if you’re having a hair colouring appointment, or if you’re visiting a new stylist. By doing this, your stylist can analyse your overall look and personalise your appointment especially to you


Another thing your hairdresser wants to know before you take the hot seat is your hair history. It might be wise to give your stylist a trip down memory lane and unleash all the secrets of your hair history: serial bleacher? Formally had hair extensions? Love a vivid hair transformation? All of these details are great to let your stylist know before your appointment, as it can be a key insider to the condition of your hair.

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One of the things your hairdresser really wants to know is your #hairgoals. This is your time to shine in your consultation and unleash all your ideas about your dream hair, dreams of waist length tresses? Or a black to blonde transformation? Sharing your hair-blue-print with your stylist is a great way of planning towards your dream hair. Some hair transformations can’t take place with the flick of a magic wand, but by letting your stylist know what your dream hair looks like, you can plan together how to achieve it.


If you’re wondering what to do before a hair appointment, a great place to start is inspo pictures. Hairdressers love it when you walk in with all your saved snaps of celebs, influencers, and hair transformation videos- the more the better. This helps your stylist to really understand exactly what you want, and to nail it so you walk away from the salon feeling A-list amazing.

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If you’ve booked a hair appointment before an event, you might be thinking ‘what to do before a hair appointment so that my stylist knows exactly what I want for my big day’. You can go to your hairstylist for any event- a wedding updo, bridesmaid braid, a vivid hair colour transformation for a festival, or even a date night ‘do. Don’t be affair to tell your stylist the ins and outs of the event you’re going to, and what you want your hair to look like, and feel like so they can give you exactly what you dreamed of.

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Another thing your hairdresser wants to know is what additional treatments you’d like in the salon. If you’re wondering what to do before a hair appointment, a great way to start is to have an internet search of all the hot hair treatments right now. Treatments like hair glossing, to add extra shine to your tresses, or a scalp scrub to have your hair feeling squeaky clean are great treatments that are only available in salon- let’s get booking!


When wondering what to do before a hair appointment, another top tip is to think about how you want your new locks finished. Your hairdresser will always ask this near the end of your appointment: curly blow dry, sleek and straight, Hollywood waves? This is when your tresses get treated to the ultimate pro finish to have you feeling red carpet ready, whatever the event.

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Another one of the things your hairdresser wants to know before you leave the salon is what kind of hair products do you use, your shampooing ritual, curl creams, serum saviours- everything and anything. This is because your hairdresser is a great person to recommend the best products for you, and can take a personalised approach to haircare, rather than leaving you wondering what to buy. We love stocking up on our favourite hair products and treats before leaving the salon in order to maintain that salon feeling in between visits!

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Now that you feel prepped and prime with all the insider things your hairdresser wants to know before your hair appointment, go forth and get your hair transformation- you’ll be feeling magical. 
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