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Auburn Hair Heroes: How To Care For Auburn Hair

13 December 2018
Whether you were lucky enough to be born with auburn hair or you get its radiance from a salon, this hair colour sparks serious ginger envy. The aesthetic of this sensational hue is thanks to the iridescent shine that comes with it when done right. Commence the hair flip, ladies - we’re ready to give ourselves up to this gorg hair colour. Described as a variety of red hair, the gradient ranges from medium to dark red, always with a brown undertone. Auburn hair is a luxurious colour that should be treated with care to retain its brilliance and with our advice, you’ll become the scarlet siren you were born to be - read on, ginger babes!

Auburn Hair: Why You Need To Handle With Care

Everyone notices a redhead in a room, it’s just a fact. No pressure... just be sure to steer clear of Fade City. Annoyingly, when it comes to shades boasting a red hue, while it’s gorgeous, it will require more TLC to keep it looking its best. This is because the red hair molecule slips out faster with each wash - and we don’t want you to injure your ginger.

How To Look After Auburn Hair: The 3 Rules Of Conduct

With this in mind, here are the 3 golden rules of caring for your lustrous dark ginger shade:
1. Wait To Wash: You must wait 48 hours to wash your auburn locks. Washing freshly-dyed red-tinted hair before then will cause your cuticle to lift, which in turn, will let the red colour molecule slip right out of your strands.

2. Trust In Dry Shampoo: To keep your auburn hair as vibrant as the moment you left the salon, you should try to limit shampooing your hair to once a week, in the same vein as pointer #1. Get well-acquainted with a good dry shampoo and learn how to use dry shampoo best - we like Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo. It’s oil-absorbing powers will help get you through the week with ease. Weaving your hair into a pretty braid makes the shampoo drought more bearable as well.

3. Beat Colour Loss With Hair Gloss: Experts tell us to pop to the salon every 4 weeks to touch-up any roots peeking through and to add a hair gloss (AKA a semi-permanent colour that comes in clear and tinted shades to add a luminescent shimmer). The gloss will make sure your auburn hair doesn’t lose its celebrated vibrancy or shine… two of the top reasons we love this colour. 

woman with ginger hair and red lipstick

Your Bespoke Auburn Hair Needs

No two heads of hair are the same, so why would we only offer general advice on caring for your precious auburn locks? We have sussed out the top ginger hair care concerns and compiled the answers here for your good-hair-day pleasures.

For thick auburn hair: If you were #blessed with a head full of thick hair then consider yourself lucky; the pairing of dense locks and auburn hair makes us jealous even on our best hair days. To keep your colour shiny and thick locks tame, we love L'Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Nourishing Conditioner. This argan oil-infused product nourishes strands and keeps them shining bright.

For thin auburn hair: Strands leaning more on the sparse side? No stress thin haired beaus, we have you covered with L'Oréal Professionnel Serioxyl Thicker Hair serum. To award yourself with max shine, it helps hair appear fuller. Shine on, you crazy diamond. 

For dull auburn hair: Having dull, auburn hair is like losing a winning lotto ticket - it’s just tragic. To get your dull or damaged hair back in tip-top condition, it’s time to invest in a good ol’ hair mask. The nourishing and naturally-derived ingredients in the Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Re-Hydratemask intensely condition locks to bring back their brightness. 

For coloured auburn hair: Faux doesn’t mean you aren’t a fabulous ginger! To maintain your auburn hair colour, you have to make sure your shower is stocked with the right scarlet-saving products. We’ve asked around and the experts have delivered: the Kérastase Reflection range keeps your colour locked in and offers light-reflecting shine. Cheers to that double bonus! 

To get shiny auburn hair: If you haven’t gathered, auburn hair was made to shine bright like a diamond… with Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry, it does just that. Besides having pretty AF packaging, this product made our list because it brings out diamond-like shine that looks ravishing on auburn hair. Shine + auburn hair = hair goals for life. 

To get natural auburn hair colour: Perhaps you’ve dreamt of colouring your hair a rich auburn shade for a while, but as a naturalista babe, chemicals are keeping you from the salon. The L’Oréal Professionnel Botanéa range is composed of 3 natural ingredients (henna cassia and indigo) that can be blended together to create the auburn hair colour you’re craving. 

If you have auburn hair, then keeping your red radiant should be a top priority because. Follow our tips and tricks to keep your ginger game strong!

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