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Fight The Frizz: How To Get The Salon Sleek Look

13 September 2018
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Hair frizz is nobody’s friend. It can strike when we least expect it and transform tame hairstyle into full-on bird nest in minutes. If frizzy hair attacks sound all too familiar, you’re not alone. A large amount of UK women say that dry, frizzy hair is their biggest hair concern. Factor in humidity, hair colour and overuse of heat styling tools - all major causes - and we’ve probably all endured frizz, regardless of hair type.

Read on for our everyday frizz-fighting tips in the quest for kink-free hair - that lasts.

Anti-Frizz Friends

Dry, rebellious hair has never been easier to control with high-tech at-home products and in-salon services that make taming a puffy, frizzy mane a breeze. Go for one method, or amalgamate all three to say bye-bye to frizz, and hello to smoother locks.

Mega Masks

Hair masks can be instant SOS for frizzy hair, rejuvenating your hair to promote shine and prevent frizz in minutes. The J-Beauty phenomenon for face sheet masks now extends to hair with Redken All Soft Mega Recovery Sheet Mask – the hero product in the All Soft Mega range. In 10 minutes flat, this genius quenching sheet mask makes your hair feel more manageable by smoothing the cuticle and adding moisture to your hair where it’s needed.

Methodical Washing

When your hair is dry, it’s more prone to frizz. While you might think that washing it regularly makes it drier, it doesn’t… Washing your hair every other day ensures your hair retains its natural oils and so prevents extra dryness. Use a shampoo and conditioner especially formulated to prevent frizz, like the pro-keratin enriched L’Oréal Professionnel Liss Unlimited Shampoo and Masque, for a smooth, sleek finish.

Pro Smoothing

You don’t have to consider expensive Brazilian blow-dries to maintain a salon-smooth look for longer. Salons now have super-effective luxury mini treatments you can add on to your blow-dry visit at the backwash. Try a dedicated anti-frizz treatment like Kérastase Fusio-Dose, an in-salon ritual that’s prescriptive for your hair needs (20 possible combos). It can add extra sleekness to your hair in five minutes that lasts up to five washes.

Frizz Facts

Make frizz attacks a thing of the past with our tricks for smoother, sleeker hair, every day. 

Q: My hair is massively affected by humidity. What can I do?

A: Whether it’s a heatwave or holiday climate, high levels of humidity in the air can spell chaos for hair that’s prone to frizz. Don’t be tempted to dampen it down to control the onset of puffy hair – this will dehydrate your hair and cause it to frizz even more. Instead, think prevention. Use a humidity or prep spray to restore your hair’s natural balance and protect your hair from humidity attacks.

Q: I have naturally curly hair. Should I use hair tongs to achieve a less frizzy end result?

A: Hot tools are a catch 22 for curly hair. While they can make your curls look more defined and controlled, you’re also adding extra dryness from the high heat – a big factor for frizz. If your hair tends to frizz when it dries naturally, try using a diffuser or hairdryer on a cold setting. Yes, it will take longer but you’ll end up with beautiful curls with way less frizz. If you can’t forgo your heated tools, always apply a protective serum or spray for protection first. 

Q: My hair is frizzy as soon as it dries – what am I doing wrong?

A: Rebellious hair needs a controlled drying system, so try not to blow-dry your hair in a rush. Make the most of towel drying, slowly and gently patting, rather than rubbing so your hair doesn’t look frizzy and tangled. Once it’s slightly damp, brush your hair thoroughly using a wide-tooth comb in manageable sections. Brush firmly downwards, pulling your hair tightly to force it straight and stop it from curling up.

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