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How To Help Your Hair Grow Longer Faster

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
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While cutting your hair into a lob may have been the best decision of your life a few months ago, you may be experiencing a forlorn feeling about your lack of length - we’ve all been there. If you’ve been on a quest to find the answer to how to make hair grow faster, then stop right there. We’ve compiled all the do’s and don’ts on how to help hair to grow longer and faster. Take note and be prepared to get acquainted with an old virtue, patience. While we wish there was some miracle way to make our hair grow overnight, it just isn’t a realistic dream. If you take this advice to heart, however, you will be on your way to enviable length in less time than you thought. Keep scrolling to learn how to get your strands to Rapunzel-like length!

Helping Your Hair Grow Faster: The Do’s & Don’ts

Since hair doesn’t grow like a Chia Pet, here are some methods you can take into your own hands to make the process faster and more bearable

Getting Your Hair To Grow Faster - Don’ts

  • Don’t shampoo your hair every day. Just don’t do it. If you want your strands to be long and lustrous, put down the shampoo bottle and walk away slowly… shampoo removes dirt and product yes, but it does so whilst removing natural essential oils that protect your scalp and keep strands healthy and growth-optimised. If you’re dying to refresh your ‘do, instead reach for a dry shampoo - Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender transforms your lifeless, greasy locks into texturised perfection.
  • Don’t skip out on regular micro-trims. It may seem counter intuitive to cut off length to grow length but the hair experts assure us it’s a fact. When left uncut, split ends sneak their way up to the root of your hair (forcing you to part with even more length, gasp!). Schedule in a “dusting” appointment with your stylist to help hair grow longer and stronger.


  • Don’t detangle hair from top to bottom. The way you brush your hair may seem like NBD, especially since it’s something you’ve (hopefully) been doing for years, but it’s crucial in helping hair grow faster. Always work your way from the bottom to the roots when detangling hair, particularly wet hair, in order to avoid breakage and keep that length in tact. If you’re on the go and you have to brush your hair whilst wet, then do so very gently once you’ve applied conditioner.


  • Don’t wrap your hair in a big towel. As tempted as we may be to recreate the chic Instagram posts of models on a Parisian terrace sipping an espresso with their hair carefully wrapped in towel, just don’t. It causes massive breakage because strands get caught in the soft-woven fibres (especially baby hairs around the face) and snap right off.

Getting Your Hair To Grow Faster - Do’s

  • Do always condition your hair with each wash. The pros tell us to reach for the Kérastase Resistance Fondant Extentioniste line designed specifically for beauties looking to increase the length of their strands sans extensions. Conditioner replaces lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft robbed from things like environmental factors and extensive heat damage, allowing it to stay strong and long. We’ll reiterate, conditioner is long hairs best friend.
  • Do rinse your hair with cold water at the end of each shower. This one extra step can really help to lengthen your locks over time. How? The splash of cold water helps to seal the hair cuticle, locking in moisture and preventing heat damage. It also lays down the outer-layer of the hair more smoothly, so kiss snags goodbye! Plus, it’s a great way to wake up in the morning.


  • Do apply a hair mask weekly. Hair masks deeply nourish the hair you’ve already managed to grow out, penetrating the hair shaft with vital nutrients even deeper than conditioner. Also, by massaging the mask into your scalp, you’re improving blood flow which in turn stimulates hair growth. Kérastase Masque Extentioniste enriches strands with essential fatty acids, protecting hair against breakage.


  • Do sleep on a silk pillowcase. For the most part, bedhead is inevitable, unless you are a truly majestic creature. When you use a cotton pillowcase, your strands become victim to friction. To avoid spending precious time each morning detangling a birds nest and snapping off those precious ends, switch out your pillowcase for a silk one. Silky pillowcase = silky hair.
Need something a little extra? Massage Kérastase Extensioniste Serum into roots to help stimulate those hair follicles to reach enviable length.

Having lengthy locks is a very relatable (and attainable) hair goal. While there’s no magic treatment to get your hair to grow as quick as Jack’s beanstalk, following these do’s and don’ts is a sure step in the right direction. Be stealthy, get your hair lengthy!

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