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Natural Hair And Proud, How To Perfect The Afro Look

18 September 2018
Smiling woman with afro hair

You’re not alone if you’ve always dreamed of loving your ‘fro au naturel, but can’t seem to accept your curls in their entirely natural state. But with the expert advice of Rick Roberts, Matrix Artistic Director you might just feel equipped to do so. 

“To get the perfect afro hair look is not to be scared of your curl”  

Rick Roberts L’Oreal ID Artist & Matrix Destination Fame Winner

woman with natural afro hair smiling

 Arm Yourself With Natural – Yet Effective – Products 

Chemical-free natural products are by no means ineffective. If you want to leave your ‘fro untampered with, opt for products that are teeming with rich oils that can define your natural curls, all the while providing deep hydration.

“Always keep your curls nourished and hydrated”

Rick Roberts L’Oreal ID Artist & Matrix Destination Fame Winner

Use The Right Technique

Along with selecting adapted products, it’s also necessary to dry your ‘fro in the correct way, in order to beautify your natural curls.

Once you’ve applied all of your products (including your leave-in treatment), make sure that you leave your hair soaking wet, in order to lock in all the moisture. Then, use a silk scarf or microfiber wrap and create a pineapple with all of your hair on top of your head.

“Experiment with new ways of waring your hair from using online videos from how to do Bantu Knots to perm rods”

Rick Roberts L’Oreal ID Artist & Matrix Destination Fame Winner

Style It Naturally

Jazzing things up once in a while doesn’t mean that you lose your naturalista title.

If you want to show off your natural curls but occasionally have some variation, opt for a style such as pigtails or a pony. You’ll feel that you’ve changed things up, all the while remaining true to your natural roots. 

When styling your natural ‘fro, make sure to use a product to tame those lingering rebellious strands. You’ll never think twice about allowing to let your natural curls shine through again! 
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