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Pump Up The Volume: How To Never Suffer A Flat Hair Day Again

Elizabeth Hall
04 February 2019
woman with long curly brunette hair

If you have fine or thin hair, then you’re well-acquainted with the struggle of spending hours with your curling iron to achieve a fit-for-Hollywood look to get rid of flat hair, only to walk outside and have it fall flat as a pancake. We get it, it’s easy to lose hope when you’re rocking the thin hair gene… which is why we lend you four pro-approved tips on how to get - and maintain - the full, sexy, voluminous hair of your dreams!

Tip #1: A Good Haircut Is The Foundation

Want to make thin hair look thicker? The volume-packed mane you crave begins with an adapted haircut. The experts tell us that your haircut significantly impacts the amount of natural body in your hair… we’re all familiar with the hair-lift, if you will, that comes with getting even the slightest trim. So which cut boosts the most body causing flat hair? According to the pros, a graduated cut will inject the most volume, whereas layers will rob your locks of it. Noted. When strategically cut by your trusted stylist, a volumising haircut can help create the illusion of an oval face (generally perceived as the most flattering - oh la la).

Boost up the body with L’Oréal ProfessionnelTecni.ART texturising hair powder for a blowout-worthy bodifying effect. Flat hair and lacklustre tresses have nothing on these tricks of the trade.

woman with long voluminous strawberry blonde hair

Tip #2: Make A Large Barrel Curling Iron Your Friend

If you think curling irons are only for achieving ringlets reminiscent of the high school prom, think again! With the proper techniques in place, you can actually use a large curling iron to add selfie-worthy volume to your hair - just follow these steps.

  • The secrets in the sauce (product). Start your journey to bodacious body by working the StyleLink Volume Builder by Matrix into your hair to give it lightweight volume and touchable softness sans unwanted crunch or stickiness.

  • Next, blow dry your hair with a round brush before reaching for the curling iron. The curling iron is your volumising ally because it brings the heat (of the iron) to every inch of the hair. Bring those curls in, let them sit for a couple seconds and slowly open and close the iron to set your curl. Pro tip: it’s vital you let the hair sit for a minute before removing the clip.

  • The final step is to break up your curls carefully using your fingers - no one wants tight, Susie Q ringlets - but you don’t want to ruin them by using a brush.

Tip #3: Apply Mousse To Dry Hair And Diffuse

If you think mousse can only be applied to damp hair, think again! Whether you desire bounce or tousled waves, massaging a dollop of mousse into your roots will give you some lift and added hold when you are styling your flat hair. Try applying a small amount of mousse into individual sections of the hair before blow drying to give the hair a natural, organic feeling. We love Redken’s Full Frame 04 All-Over Volumizing Hair Moussea medium-control airy mousse that conditions the hair whilst giving it a soft, weightless finish you can actually brush through! Emulsify the mousse in your hands, then scrunch up the flat hair. Next, spin the hair inside a diffuser and position it on top of the head while blow drying. Simplified: mousse + diffuser = volume you never know existed.

Tip #4: Lift Those Roots (With Dry SHampoo)

Dry shampoo isn’t just for those dirty hair days; many top stylists recommend using dry shampoo even on freshly washed, flat hair. If your hair tends to feel limp, Morning After Dust by L’Oréal Professionnel can drastically amp up the volume. In addition to providing buildable hold, it will continue to absorb oils your scalp produces throughout the day to keep your hair looking voluminous and fresh. Two birds, one stone, we love it.

Follow these four salon secret tips to keep flat hair days at bay!

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