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Short Hair Don't Care: How To Take Care Of Your Shorter Tresses Like A Pro

18 September 2018
woman flicking her short platinum blonde hair

If you haven’t already been tempted by the big chop, you might be one of the few of us that hasn’t… Short hair is rapidly taking over longer hair in the cool stakes, with countless celebrities and street style stars opting for dramatic haircuts that show off their face and keep them cooler in summer. Plus, think of the speedy maintenance, right? Wrong. While washing and drying might take less time, having a shorter do isn’t a get-out clause for skimping on your haircare regime. 

Our Hair.com expert Darren Fowler, expert stylist for L’Oréal Professionnel, gives us the shortcuts to looking after crops and chops.

Top Of The Crop Q&A

Q: How can I keep my shorter locks in check?
A: Ironically, shorter locks can be more difficult to keep tamed and styled than long hair. For example, if your hair is curly, there will be less weight in the curl to keep it defined. Likewise, if your hair is fine you’ll find you have less malleable hair to create volume with. Those who go for the chop often end up reaching for heated tools more often to keep shorter styles under control. Darren says:

 “Using a good heat protector for the hair is essential. I would recommend L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.art Constructor – it leaves hair without that sticky feeling, while simultaneously giving a chic, texturised finish and firm hold for shorter styles.”

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Q: How often should I be back in the salon for a regular trim?

A: Chop-chop, regular trims should be like clockwork if you want to maintain a short style and keep it fresh-looking. Darren has this advice: “Short hair undeniably requires more scissor maintenance. You should aim to get it cut every six to eight weeks, which you can be less rigid with if you have longer hair. Some people even like to get it cut every four weeks if they want a precise look - and some even opt for cuts in-between to keep it looking super-sharp!” 

One major bonus of shorter hair: regular chops will keep split ends majorly at bay, so your strands will look thicker and more voluminous if you have finer hair.

Q: I’ve gone shorter, how can I maintain that healthy finish? 

A: Regular hair cuts are obvious to keep your cut looking sharp, but it’s also essential to up your maintenance game to keep it looking and feeling healthy, too. “Although you may not need to provide your hair with extra conditioning like you would with long hair, regular conditioning is still necessary”, Darren advises. “Any good stylist will take you through how you need to look after your hair at each stage of your new style.” If your hair is particularly damaged from regular heat use, try the Résistance range from Kérastase – it helps nourish the hair fiber and protects against damage. 

Q: I have long hair but I want to go for a shorter style without going crazy?

A: The wavy bob, or lob, is a great inbetweener style to bridge the gap between long and short hair – without being a big shock to the system. Think voluminous, textured waves to bring the bob to life. Darren recommends using a volumising spray like L’Oréal Professionnel tecni.art Wild Stylers Crêpage de Chignon. A side parting will also give your lob some extra bounce. Want to mix it up? Experiment with a wet-look bob: “L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.art Liss Control is also a great product for smoother styles, which can look great with short hair styles,” Darren suggests.

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