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3 Great Shampoos To Keep Grey Hair Looking Its Best

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
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When you devote time and money to going grey or silver, the last thing you want is your colour to start fading. Pigment-infused grey hair shampoos are crucial to combat vexing brassy, yellow undertones. With these three hair weapons, you won’t be needing to book an emergency trip to your colourist after a dip in the pool. Whether you’re embracing your natural grey hair or following this hot trend, we’ve got the low down on the best silver shampoos to keep you the metallic goddess you deserve.

So, What Is Silver Shampoo?

If you’ve committed to going grey, naturally or by choice, then you need the brass-fighting formulas that are grey hair shampoos - AKA silver shampoos. Why, you may ask? These shampoos neutralise traces of yellow (your grey hair’s biggest nemesis) by depositing cool purple tones to counteract brass. If you look at a colour wheel, you’ll see that yellow and purple are opposites. These silver-saving shampoos really are your best friend if you want your grey locks to stay shiny, fresh, and more importantly - free from vexing yellow undertones to keep your hair as silver as a spoon.

To keep your coloured (or natural) grey strands looking cool and vibrant for longer, application is also key. It will vary slightly depending on the product, but you should be using these purple potions at least once a week to avoid a brass attack. If you’re sold but don’t know which silver hair hero is for you, keep reading as we explore 3 pro favourite grey hair shampoos.

The Silver Shampoo For You

With the science sussed out, we can now talk products. If you naturally have silver strands or have opted to embrace the craze, these shampoos are guaranteed to battle brass and restore a more natural, glossy colour to your hair.

1. L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Silver Shampoo

What’s more silver than magnesium? When hair turns or is coloured grey, the natural warm tones start to peak through and that is how brass is born. This magnesium-infused salon favourite is packed with purple tones to help neutralise unwanted yellow - kiss the brass goodbye! In addition to being a grey-saving toner, this silver shampoo also nourishes your strands and leaves your hair soft and shiny. Ultimate silver hair goals.

2. Matrix So Silver Shampoo

By now, you don’t need a PhD in chemistry to know that veering away from unwanted yellow undertones requires a quality silver shampoo. Matrix’s So Silver Shampoo was designed for just that, the war on brass. If you want to pop into the pool and not stress about toner-stealing chlorine, this product will revive all that is lost in the lido.

3. Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo

Kick brassy goodbye with this silver shampoo enriched with ultra-violet pigments to warn off your yellow-toned enemies. Pros tell us results are clear after just one wash - instant gratification at its best. By leaving this pro-approved purple concoction on your hair for a few minutes you will see a more radiant, icy blonde instantly. As well as keeping your grey tones in check, this silver shampoo also strengthens hair follicles with its triple-acid protein complex tones. Double winning.

What Comes After Silver Shampoo?

Grey hair shampoos work their best magic when used alongside a deep hair conditioning treatment a few times a month, since the toners used in silver shampoos could dry out hair over time. Expert colourists highly recommend popping into the salon once a month for a professional deep conditioning treatment to keep your strands icy silver.

In addition to this, an at-home deep conditioner should be used at least three times a month to prevent brittle, unhealthy hair that breaks - oh, snap. Pro stylists dish us one of their trusted favourites -  Redken Color Extend Magnetics Deep Attractions Mask. This at-home hair mask is formulated with hair goodies that work to replenish the hair fibre and leave your grey hair glossy and gorgeous. Deep conditioners + grey hair shampoos = sensational silver shine.

With such a stunning colour also comes maintenance that can be handled by your entrusted stylist. Visit your colourist every 6-8 weeks to ensure your silvery strands are still shining bright like a diamond - you may need to frequently touch up your roots (excluding silver ombre and balayage).

If you’re embracing your grey hair or tactically colouring it, there is a silver shampoo out there to make the most of your grey. Break up with brass and defend your status as a silver fox!

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