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Are You Bonding With Your Hair? Explore Hair Bonding For Ultimate Hair Strength

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30 August 2018
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If you colour your hair, you’ll know that the process can be damaging for your tresses. Why? The chemicals cause a breakdown in your bonds resulting in dry and dull hair that lacks elasticity. But all of that was P.B, aka Pre Bonding… 

Now there’s a solution for preventing damage to your hair not just during, but after the colouring process. Bonding can actually boost your hair health. Yes, really. Think of bonding systems as clever protectors for your locks that stop the bonds from breaking during colouring and protect them against future damage. 

Are You Bonding? 

There isn’t just one system available for colour bonding. You can get bonding in the salon, or at home – putting you in full control of your colour care regime.

Salon Bonding

Ask your colourist about L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond. It’s a clever formula that’s added to your colour to minimise any potential damage, whether you’re going for lightening or colour. This two-step process limits oxidative stress and preserves the strong bonds, as well as a blend of ceramides and polymers to boost your hair’s condition and shine. 

At-Home Bonding

Bonding doesn’t always have to be via your colourist. You can continue your bonding upkeep at home with a system like Matrix Total Results: The Re-Bond. This three-step system includes Re-Bond Shampoo, Re-Bond Conditioner and Re-Bond Pre-Conditioner, which all work in harmony to fortify weakened, over-processed hair so you end up with coloured hair that’s healthier and more manageable. 

In-Betweener Bonding

Can’t decide between salon or at-home bonding? Redken pH-Bonder ticks off all three. The two-step salon system helps keep fibres strong both during and after pro colouring. Afterwards, the Post Service Perfector is recommended once a week at home before shampooing to help maintain your hair’s natural pH level. 

Get Bonding…. Q&A

What exactly is hair bonding – and why do you need to do it? Find out more with our guide to bonding…

Q: Who is best suited to colour bonding?
A: Bonding is ideal for anyone undergoing a colour or pre-lightening service – whether it’s an extreme colour transformation, a subtle colour change, or you’re a first-timer to colour and worried about potential damage. Bonding will make your hair look and feel stronger, so it benefits anybody who colours their hair. 

Q: How can I keep up the results of bonding at home? 
A: If you’ve added bonding to your colour experience in-salon, your hair will thank you for it. But there’s still more you can do with bonding by incorporating it into your at-home colour care regime. Following your in-salon treatment, buy a recommended take-home bonding product that you can use weekly in-between colour appointments to keep your hair fibres protected and nourished. 

Q: How much time will bonding add on to my colour appointment? 
A: You probably won’t notice a difference. If you’re in a salon, the stylist adds the formula to your normal hair colour or bleach and applies as normal, so it protects your hair’s bonds while the colour is taking effect. After your colour is rinsed off, a sealer is applied to your hair that acts as a deep-conditioning treatment and also locks in the benefits of the first stage.

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