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Fusio-Dose: From In Salon Hair Treatment, To Salon Hair Treatment At Home…

18 January 2019
fusio dose by kerastase treatment

Treatments are a pick me up we all deserve for our hair, that’s why we had to investigate the Kérastase Fusio-Dose HomeLabs hair treatment, a takeaway of one of our favourite in-salon treatments. Meet Dylan Bradshaw, Ireland’s award winning stylist to walk us through the wonderful world of Fusio-Dose.

What Is Fusio-Dose?

It all began in 2011, when Kérastase first waved their little vials of colour onto our salons’ shelves. Their promise was (and still is!) to help your hair out in the areas it needs most; whether your tresses are craving nutrition, shine, thickness, discipline or strength, Kérastase Fusio-Dose is at the ready with 20 made-to-measure hair treatment combinations in order to fully satisfy your strands’ needs.

Fusio-dose is a completely personalized high performance hair treatment that takes only 5 minutes to instantly transform your hair with immediate visible results.” 

Dylan Bradshaw L'Oréal International Stylist

Fusio-Dose HomeLab, The Era Of Ultra-Personalisation

Thanks to the brand’s DNA and experience, Kérastase understood the need for women to be able to extend their in-salon treatment to the home in between salon visits, and therefore launched the all new Fusio-Dose HomeLab! Personalisation is so important as there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ rule in the hair industry” agrees Dylan. Personalised hair care routines are becoming ever increasingly more popular and rightly so.

After assessing your hair’s needs, your stylist will prescribe you with a made-to-measure hair treatment, for example a mix of Concentré and a Booster specific to your tresses (Oléo Fusion and Reconstruction), and will proceed to massage this into your hair followed by your beautiful blow dry.

However, the Fusio-fun does not stop there as you are given a Fusio-Dose treatment to take home into the comfort of your own four walls, in order to benefit from this made-to-measure treatment for longer.

Our clients all have different hair types and concerns so it is vitally important that an expert prescribes a haircare ritual bespoke to you and your needs. Although Fusio-Dose is a tailor made salon treatment it can be further extended at home with thanks to Fusio-Dose HomeLab.” Explains Dylan, “This take home kit, diagnosed to your hair’s condition, helps our clients continue their programme in the comfort of their own home.” 

Dylan Bradshaw L'Oréal International Stylist

Fusio-Dose And You

After 4 weeks of this innovative routine, your hair will be truly transformed. This you might just about expect, but the most shocking part was how different your hair will look after such a short amount of time. The beauty of Fusio-dose is that your hair concerns can be tackled quickly and effectively by combining a concentre with a booster to personalise the treatment to your unique hair needs.”

All you have to do is give your personalised vial a quick spritz over your locks a mere once a week, rinse it out and watch your hair transformation unravel before your eyes. If you’re someone who finds it challenging to dedicate the necessary time to hair masking, then this shutter speed, effective treatment is made for you! It has become the popular choice for the Dylan Bradshaw team and our clients as it is an express hair treatment, there is no need to pre-book and it has instant results” says Dylan who runs a top salon in Dublin.

The Fusio-Dose Equation For Beautiful Hair

So, how does Fusio-Dose work? Dylan responds “The in salon results can be further prolonged until the next salon visit with 4 personalised at-home applications provided in our HomeLab take home kit.”

1. One Concentré, which responds to your #1 hair problem:

  • Concentré Oléo-Fusion: made from jojoba and avocado oil to induce incredible shine and softness
  • Concentré Pixelist: contains micro-luminescent agents and ionic polymers to provide radiant shine for coloured hair
  • Concentré Vita-Ciment: helps to restore damaged hair with a formulation made to target damage with a source of ceramides.
  • Concentré Densifique: instantly leaves hair feeling denser with Calcium Pro and a derivative of Vitamin E present


2. One Booster, which will treat your second strand worry in line:

Now you’ve selected your personalised hair treatment combination for your home routine, you’re ready to take the Fusio-Dose HomeLab hair treatment home with you!

This is so beneficial especially to our colour clients as hair needs to be in optimum condition for colour to take effectively. If our clients follow their prescribed programme at home we are guaranteed the best colour results on their return visit.”

Dylan Bradshaw L'Oréal International Stylist

So now the tricky part now is deciding the perfect Fusio-Dose HomeLab combination for you!

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