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Hair Mask For Damaged Hair: The Hair Treatment You Truly Need

Elizabeth Hall
13 February 2019
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Let’s get right down to it: no look is truly put together if your hair is severely damaged. Dull, dead hair is a guaranteed vibe-ruiner even if your outfit is killer and your makeup game is reaching new goals. We take a look at some of the causes of why your strands split - and how to make the silky-smooth hair of your dreams achievable! British L'Oréal Professionnel Educator, Charlotte Haill reveals the hair repair treatment that will revitalise your mane, and spoiler alert: the result is worth a few hand prayer emojis.

Common Causes of Damaged Hair

To get to the root of your damaged hair problem (pun intended) it’s a good idea to first understand exactly how you may be damaging your hair. You may think you’ve got your hair care routine down to a tee, but have you considered the common culprits causing less-than-stellar hair results? These include:

  • Changing colour too frequently
  • Overusing heating tools for styling
  • Over-brushing your hair
  • Over shampooing
  • Brushing the old mane when wet
  • Using the wrong products for your hair type

Partaking in any of these bad habits (or a combination of all!) can cause your hair to weaken significantly. This means that your hair is likely to have less elasticity, and, we hate to break it to you - is more susceptible to splitting and breakage. Oh no!

brunette woman having hair treatment in salon

How to Prevent Damaged Hair

Before you get to the point where you’re in desperate need of some hair rehab, why not try to nip the problem in the bud early? Enter: L'Oréal Professionnel Smartbond. Integrated directly into the hair colouring process (so getting stuck in there even before your hair touches the bleach!), this two-part, in-salon treatment protects and strengthens hair during the colouring and/or lightening process, essential for healthier locks. L'Oréal Professionnel Smartbond is touted to brighten and soften dyed hair treatment over time - and you know what they say, the best things in life are worth waiting for.

The Ultimate Hair Treatment For Damaged Hair

If you’re far gone past the point of preventative measures, don’t panic - the hair gods can help, too! You need L'Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert Absolut Repair range (shampoo, conditioner, hair mask), accompanied by its bespoke PowerMix, in your life.

“This super-concentrated deep hair treatment gives hair extra softness and shine” The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

Music to our ears! The main ingredient that is used in the Serie Expert Absolut Repair is a must-have miracle worker known as lipidium. All you need to know is that this ingredient is the key to forming a protective film on your strands to lock in active and essential nutrients, which help to protect your hair from all the bad stuff. This bespoke hair treatment for damaged hair promises to leave your damaged locks more resistant, softer, shinier, and stronger. The hair quarto we’re all lusting after!

Whether you’re looking for an express hair treatment (shampoo, conditioner and mask) or something a little more special (PowerMix hair mask!), this hair treatment for damaged hair has got you covered! Oh hey there, good hair days.

The One And Only Bespoke Hair Mask For Damaged Hair

So you’ve consulted with your stylist, and you’ve decided you want the works for your damaged hair - enter: the PowerMix hair mask treatment!

“The freshly made in-salon concoction consists of two simple steps: shampooing and the Powermix Repair hair treatment”. The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

Easy as that! But how exactly does this winning duo work? “The system is a fresh one” says Charlotte, meaning you get the best, freshest results! The hair treatment is made with one dose of Powermix BASE and equal parts Powermix Repair Additive and is applied on shampooed and towel-dried hair. After letting the hair mask work its magic for 5 minutes, it should then be rinsed with lukewarm (never hot) water.

“To maintain the results for weeks, I recommend using the Serie Expert Repair routine” The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

This is definitely a hair mask routine we can get behind! Ask your stylist about the follow-up products to get the most out of your repair hair treatment and hair mask… your strands will thank you by rewarding you with gorgeous results!

Be mindful of the hair-damaging offenders mentioned above and treat yourself to this powerful system that will leave you struggling not to run your hands through your silky strands!

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