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Hair TLC: Our Favourite Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

13 September 2018
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Confession o’clock. When was the last time you topped up your tresses with a deep conditioning hair mask? No judgement, obviously, but whether it was last week or sometime in the last few years everyone can now hop on the tailored hair mask beauty band wagon and benefit. Weave some deep conditioning stages into your strand sessions and you shall be rewarded with super swishy locks not to mention healthy root to tip privileges. Whatever your hair type there’s a hair mask out there waiting for you…


Return Of The Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 

But why should you use a mask? Of course shampooing and conditioning are key, as is selecting the right styling products for you, but the TLC of your hair care routine is also up there in terms of importance. Think about it; our locks go through a lot from being tugged this way and that with bobbles and brushes to being swished around to nail that perfect selfie. Then there’s the hard or soft water it gets drenched in regularly, both of which have their plus and minus points. And hormones, pollution and the daily stress we all have to deal with are thrown into the mix. Phew. That is a lot to put up with, plus you also have to consider your own bespoke hair type too, all or some of which can give you issues like dry hair, oily roots and frizz frustrations. However, pick the right deep conditioning hair mask and make the most of full on formulas that will deal with all your hair issues when used once or twice a week.

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask…Dry Hair v Oily Hair

First things first you need to identify whether you’re an oily hair owner or have a drier situation going on up top so do our mini tress test…

  • Comb your hair flat at the parting
  • Run your finger along the parting, gently and slowly
  • If your hair stays flat against the scalp you have oily hair, if it starts to frizz you have dry hair 

And the good news is there’s a hair mask just right for each of these types – just hold tight for two seconds. Side note; aim to do a deep hair conditioning mask once a week if you ticked the oily box and twice a week if you were more to the drier side of the hair scale. 


1. OILY HAIR owners will love Biolage R.A.W Re-Hab Mask

Why? Oily hair is typically pretty stressed out so it is this deep conditioning hair mask to the rescue. Packed with honeycomb it helps these sensitive strands rebuild their strength when you apply it to the roots to tips and allow to settle for five minutes. It also contains kaolin clay, which, like when used in face masks, works hard to soak up all the excess oiliness going on around your scalp, meaning fresher more manageable locks that can last that little bit longer between shampoos. 


2. DRY HAIR owners will love Redken All Soft Mega Sheet Hair Mask

Why? Not only is this clever deep conditioning sheet hair mask one of the first of its kind, but it’s also been designed for severely dry hair. Slip this golden sheet-like cap over damp locks, massage it against your hair and allow the intense conditioner lining to sink into your tresses. Leave in place for around ten minutes so the aloe vera and camellia seed oil ingredients can work their mask magic. No mess, no fuss, just dry locks completely revived. 

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask…Thick Hair v Fine Hair

Got 30 seconds to take another quick tress test? Sure you do, especially as this one is super easy and will finally reveal whether you have thick or fine hair. This is something that we often get confused about as its specifically about hair density rather than how many actual hairs on our head.

First, take a sample…place a single strand between your fingers. Second, analyse it…can you feel it?

  • Yes? You have thick hair
  • No? You have fine hair

And err, that’s it. Done. Now onto your prize aka the perfect deep conditioning hair mask for your newly-clued-up hair type…


1. FOR THICK HAIR: L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Masque For Thick Hair does exactly what it says on it’s pretty gold pot. Infused with argan oil it digs deep to condition the thickest of hair types.

Top tress tip: Use this mask as an overnighter, smoothing on from root to tip before bed and rinsing in the morning for super shine.


2. FOR FINE HAIR: Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense Cheveux Fins Fine Hair hits all the hair hotspots protecting fly-away strands from oxidization. It’s the iris extract and wheat protein ingredients that give you added radiance too.

Top tress tip: Apply after washing, then comb through while in place to enhance the detangling power of this deep conditioning mask.


And that’s a hair wrap TLC troopers. Actually talking of wraps, if you wrap your hair up in a warm towel while using a deep conditioning mask it can intensify its effect, mimicking what they do in salons, so you can be professional when you DIY. At a sleepover. Or not at a sleepover, your choice.

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