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How A Protein Treatment Can Help Your Hair

Elizabeth Hall
15 January 2019
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Breaks are great (those of the lunch, tax, and chocolate variety), but not when it comes to hair. The best way to prevent those tresses from breakage is a protein treatment for hair. Because your hair is made up of almost all protein (keratin), you need to beef up on it every once in a while for strong fortified strands. Luckily for us, salons are offering protein treatments for hair that will pump your strands full of keratin and bring your strands back to their glory days. Keep scrolling to learn why this is a treatment you shouldn’t forgo.

What Is A Protein Treatment For Hair?

We all know your body needs protein (it’s made up of approximately 20% of it), but who would've thought that your hair needs it too? Each pretty little strand on your head is comprised of around 90% of the protein keratin - long chains of amino acids that tend to disintegrate for a number of reasons. So what happens when you’re not getting enough protein? The first place that suffers from a lack of this crucial compound is your strands. Your body begins to ration the little protein you are receiving and what protein you are getting is given to more important functions like producing hormones, enzymes, and antibodies. Okay, fair enough - those are pretty important. So if your hair is looking and feeling a bit lacklustre lately, it could be due to a keratin deficiency. That’s where a protein treatment for hair comes to the rescue.

So what does a protein treatment for hair do for you? It works by coating the outside of hair follicles and strands with keratin to harden and protect them from breakage and further damage. Accompanied by a healthy, balanced diet, a protein treatment can therefore strengthen and fortify your hair. Ah, if only everything in life could be an easy-fix like this miracle treatment… 

Who Could Use A Protein Treatment For Hair?

There are a hot number of reasons you could benefit from using a protein treatment. If you’ve wrapped your hair around a curling iron one-too-many times, then you’re a perfect candidate for some hair bond therapy.  Put simply, if you have some hair habits that are damaging to your locks, it might be time to get some extra keratin in your life. Here are a few telltale signs you could hop on the hair-healing train that is a protein treatment!

Your hair has lost its elasticity: If you just spent 45 minutes curling your hair for it to hold a curl for only 5 minutes, your hair is probably in dire need of protein. To test if your hair has lost its elasticity, try out the wet strand test.

You colour your hair often: If you’re a colour chameleon, you should be well aware that switching up your shade often can pay a toll on your strands if not treated right. Think of the condition of your strands as the base of your hair colour - pretty hair starts with healthy hair. Ask your stylist about a protein treatment before colouring your hair to not only have a better looking base, but to strengthen your strands before touching dye.

You live in a humid climate: Believe it or not, weather is a likely culprit if you’re battling frizz demons often. Frizz leads to tangles, tangles lead to breakage. Voilà.

The Hair Protein Treatment For You

If you’re a victim of protein-deprived hair, we’ve got your back with the best pro-approved products and treatments to bring life back to your locks.

In-salon: A trip to the salon will clear up exactly what bespoke treatment your tresses need. This is exactly what the L'Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber range offers - your stylist can address your hair care needs with a top-of-the-line product arsenal to combat your individual vexing concerns. This protein treatment for hair takes it up a notch and even offers an at-home Pro Fibre hair care programme to prolong the life of your luscious locks.

At-home:The love for your locks doesn’t end after your protein treatment for hair at the salon. Redken Cat treatment continues to nourish your hair well after your in-salon treatment by bringing proteins directly to the hair’s core, leaving strands conditioned and healthy. At the same time, Pureology’s Strength Cure Shampoo uses Keravis technology that is protein-packed and full of hair goodies that not only make hair look healthy, but restore its integrity - preach!

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