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How To Make Dyed Hair Last Longer Between Touch-Ups

13 September 2018
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You can’t beat the feeling of stepping out of a salon with freshly coloured hair. Whether you’ve chosen a statement shade, like lavender, or something more classic, the aim is to preserve your pigment and keep that just-coloured feeling. But as the weeks go by, your bright hue can inevitably fade over time. When it comes to coloured hair, there’s no escaping the fact that you need to return to the salon for touch-ups when your colour fades or roots begin to grow out. 

Learn how to keep your colour for longer with our pro advice: 

Hello Hair Type

Both your hair type and texture plays a big role in how long your colour will actually last, regardless of your haircare regime. It can also differ with age, as your hair texture and density changes over time. If concealing greys is paramount for you, try working with your colourist on a dye strategy that allows your new colour to blend gracefully with your greys. As your shade fades and grows out, you’ll be able to work the colour for longer without a touch-up. 

It’s only by knowing your hair inside out that you can create a routine that effectively minimises colour fading. Medium to long hair especially can become porous and therefore dry and damaged, which can cause your colour to fade more quickly. Investing time in regular at-home treatments will help with condition upkeep. 

Technique is Everything

If you’ve been regularly sticking to a full head of colour, it might be time to rethink your hair dye tactics. Application techniques like ombre and balayage will brighten strands, without reaching up to the roots so they grow out in a more gradual, less-noticeable way. That means less time factored in for touch-ups.

Dramatic changes from your natural colour will always require more maintenance. Instead of choosing a statement shade, try something closer to your natural base tone. Discuss with your colourist and go for a technique that adds highlights or lowlights to your natural shade. On-trend colours almost always require more commitment and salon upkeep than more natural reds, browns and neutral blondes. It’s worth noting that fashion shades like pink, violet and blue need more frequent toning to keep them looking vibrant. 


Enemies of Coloured Hair

If you’re serious about maintaining the brilliance of your dyed hair for longer, stay aware of the effects of sun and water. Even the very first shampoo after colouring your hair in the salon can sometimes trigger the fade process. Water can be one of the harshest aggressors when it comes to fresh hair colour, and depending on where you live, heavily treated city water can cause colour to fade even quicker. 

It’s not just your shower, either – pool and ocean water can also cause fade-down making holidays a key fade trigger for freshly coloured hair. Sunshine can also takes its toll with ultraviolet (UV) rays being responsible for fading hair dye and weakening your strands. Luckily, these environmental stressors can be kept at bay with protective products (see below).

Colour Protecting Armour

Colour protecting haircare systems should be your new best friend if you’ve just stepped out of the salon. There’s a specific formula for almost every colour requirement, whether it’s UV protection or a nourishing treatment mask. We recommend Kérastase’s Reflection Chromatique collection, which is formulated to help colour last longer and help neutralise undertones. In-built UV filters will also help prevent your colour from fading. 

Using the Reflection Chromatique system - that’s shampoo, conditioner, and mask – is the equivalent of a guardian angel when it comes to fading. We recommend using it on the third week after your colour application for visible results between weeks three and eight.

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