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How To Take Good Care Of Your Hair Extensions

Elizabeth Hall
02 April 2019
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We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Those long, luscious locks that all your fav celebs are always flawlessly flaunting and you’re forever lusting over? Extensions all the way baby (well, sometimes, anyway!). We’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know about the faux long trend including how to care for hair extensions (hint: sulphate-free shampoo is a must!) so that you can ensure that you’re always rocking natural-looking hair, even when you aren’t.

What The Faux: Why Choose Hair Extensions?

There are a number of different reasons why you may consider trying them out for size - after all, you know what they say about faking it till you’re making it. So before we get to how to care for hair extensions, let’s cover why you need them in the first place.

Perhaps you’re attempting to grow out a shorter style (like a bob), and it’s as tedious as it is unflattering. Hair extensions are the key to changing this decidedly awkward stage into a great hair day, every day. Maybe you’re the type who likes to try out a variety of different hairstyles without having to commit to one look for very long. This is the best way to do so with minimal effort, and without affecting the condition of your hair. Double win! Or maybe your ultimate goal has always been thick beachy waves that lightly caress your waist as you saunter about, or simply a decent ponytail (we all dream differently) and your strands have just never cooperated on either front. Hair extensions are the way to realise this goal, and the key to longer, fuller, shinier hair dreams. Finally, the best part is that if you care for hair extensions properly, no one will even know you're wearing them.

What Is The Difference Between Bonds And Micro-Rings?

When it comes to choosing your type of hair extensions, real hair is a fab choice. If you’re a blow drying-maniac (like most of us, let’s be real), then consider using real hair instead of synthetic because just like hairs on your head, they can take the heat. In any case, be sure your extensions are ethically sourced - you want to rock your faux locks guilt-free!

woman with long blonde curly hair

Permanent extensions can be worn continuously for months (3-5 usually) without requiring back and forths to the salon, depending on how fast your hair grows and how you care for your hair extensions. If you’re after additional hair volume, length and body on a daily basis, then this is the extension for you. The good news? Permanent hair extensions don’t have to cause damage if the correct products and methods are used, followed by the right type of maintenance. There are two types of permanent hair extensions: bonds and micro-rings.


Bonded extensions use hot, ultrasonic waves to bond keratin attachments to your hair. These extensions are pre-tipped with Keratin and then attached using a low heat extension iron by melting the keratin bond onto and around your natural hair. The bond is very strong and almost completely undetectable when applied correctly, making care for hair extensions a breeze.


Micro-ring extensions are discrete, easy to apply and also almost undetectable when put in by a professional. The micro-ring method can be applied to any hair texture, even thin or very short hair. The keratin tip is attached using a soft micro-ring that is clamped around your own hair about 1 cm from the roots. Like bonds, this method makes care for hair extensions feel like you’re caring for your very own hair.

What Is The Best Way To Care For Hair Extensions?

The key to prolonging the life of your extensions comes down to how you care for them. Now’s the time to upgrade your haircare routine to make space for the additional hair in your life.

1. Rethink How You Care For Your (New) Hair

You may have noticed that your previous haircare routine doesn't quite provide the same results as pre-extension hair. This is because the extensions will respond different to washing and styling - which is where sulfate-free shampoo like Pureology Hydrate Shampoo - this salon exclusive shampoo gently removes any impurities and oils to leave your hair (and hair extensions) feeling soft and light. Follow this up with a daily hair treatment to enrich dry hair like a nourishing balm mask. L'Oréal Professionnel Source Essentielle Nourishing Balm is made from 99% natural origin ingredients. This rinse-out mask includes ingredients like sesame oil to smooth split ends and leave your tresses silkier, shinier and more nourished - the perfect way to keep your hair looking healthy.

2. Rest Easy

Prior to sleeping, gather all your hair into a loose braid or ballerina bun. These two styles are ideal to prevent tangling and knotting while you get your beauty sleep. Bear in mind that if your extensions become unruly, your hair will naturally tend to separate, which will make your hair extensions more obvious (not what you’re after). Keep your locks tangle-free with L'Oréal Professionnel Source Essentielle Daily Detangling Cream. This conditioner helps you regain manageability while minimising damage, split ends and breakage, and injecting a welcome burst of softness and vitality into your tresses. A good rule of thumb is to avoid applying this cream or any oils at your roots, as this can interfere with your bonded hair extensions.

3. Watch How You Brush

The last tip in your care for hair extensions routine is to be gentle with your hair at all times to minimise damage and breakage. Avoid brushing your hair while it’s wet to prevent any excessive tugging on your extensions and don't aggressively pull on your locks. Instead start from the bottom and brush up in order to remove any tangles, without putting any stress on your locks. This will help to keep your extensions in place and prolong their longevity.

Treat your hair extensions as you’d treat your own tresses, and you’ll be rewarded with healthy and natural locks to extend your style!

Interested in hearing more about haircare for your extensions? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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