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Is Conditioner Really Necessary After Every Single Shampoo? Yes, It Is!

18 September 2018
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Reaching for the conditioner bottle after you’ve shampooed your hair is almost an autopilot reaction. We lather, we rinse, and then we condition and repeat. But why is hair conditioner such a vital part of our haircare regime – and what actually happens if you skip the step completely in the shower?

Turns out hair conditioner is way more important than you might think – something you might know if you’ve ever chanced it and run out of conditioner before your shampoo bottle (cue mild panic).
Here’s why hairdressers would always advise you to shampoo AND condition. Not to mention give those two-in-ones a major miss.

The Shampoo Cleanse

So, first up: why do we shampoo? Because it cleanses your hair of trapped dirt and build-up. The scalp naturally sheds skin and produces sebum from the hair follicles, which travel down the hair shaft and can cause greasiness and dandruff.
Depending on your hair type and lifestyle, regular shampooing ensures that your scalp isn’t getting clogged up with dead skin and excess oil. Even the most gentle shampoo can remove the natural oils from your hair, leaving it feeling dry and brittle, which is where conditioner comes in…

The Conditioner Repair

Think of your shampoo and conditioner as a mini two-part duo treatment for your hair. While shampoo cleanses, your conditioner nourishes. Not only that, a quality conditioner will add shine and prevent breakage.
When you condition your hair, it nourishes it to make it more supple and less prone to snapping off. The cuticles of dry, damaged hair – aka unconditioned hair – don’t lie flat, making your hair weak and vulnerable. When hair is well-conditioned, the cuticles lie flat and reflect light so it looks both healthier and shinier. Hair goals!

The Mask Treatment

Think of a deep conditioning mask as the equivalent of a spa break for your hair’s health. Alongside your regular shampoo and conditioner routine, hair experts swear by regular treatment masks to give your mane an extra booster of intense hydration and shine. If you’re into luscious smelling masks to add to your Sunday Funday routine, we swear by Pureology’s Hydrate Superfood Mask. This luxurious pot of joy is packed with avocado and coconut oils to give your kitchen a run for it’s money. For a more personalised experience, ask your local L'Oréal Professionnel hair salon about the Serie Expert Powermix Masks – with specific treatment boosters like Strengthening or Smooth, your hairdresser can hone in on exactly what your hair needs.

The Killer Conditioner Question: Should I Use A Two-In-One Shampoo And Conditioner To Save Time?

The short answer from our experts: don’t bother. You still need a standalone conditioner to get optimal conditioning and nourishment for your hair. A single product can’t always balance the right level of cleansing and conditioning for your hair at the same time, so you’ll end up with less manageable hair that needs to be washed more often. Our advice? Swerve them.
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