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Purple Shampoo: The Expert Secret Behind Keeping Your Colour Popping

13 September 2018
Purple shampoo at salon

Purple shampoo might sound strange, but it's actually one of the beauty world's top tools in the colour arsenal for ensuring that your shade of blonde you worked so hard to get stays the perfect shade. But how is it that the colour purple achieves this – magic or just science? 

Opposite Colours To Neutralize

Just like in makeup, experts recommend applying colours opposite on the spectrum to neutralize any skin colour imperfections: green for redness, orange and yellow for dark circles… And it works the same way for your hair colour!

Purple shampoo uses violet pigments to neutralize blonde hair that's turned brassy, which can sometimes happen after a few weeks or months since colouring. This process happens when the peroxide present in bleach interacts with your strands’ natural melanin, causing it to turn a yellowish colour – therefore, when the blonde fades, this undesirable hue can shine through. However, this intelligent shampoo's purple pigments are absorbed by the hair fibre, working to tone down these unwanted tints, leaving hair looking cooler, fresher and brighter... But not purple! One of our favourites is the Shine Blonde shampoo by L’Oréal Professionnel, which really gives a natural finish.

Not Just For Blondes

Purple shampoo is not as one-trick as it first may seem. The colour neutraliser can also be used to balance yellow tones that can manifest themselves in grey or white hair. In fact, purple shampoo can even be used on brown hair to cool down a light ash brown, or reduce the brassiness of golden highlights!

Purple Shampoo, A.K.A Silver Shampoo

You'll also find that purple shampoo is called "silver" shampoo depending on the brand, which reflects the neutralizing effect it has on reds, oranges and yellows. L'Oréal Professionnel's Silver Shampoo by Serie Expert and Matrix' Colour Obsessed So Silver shampoo from the Total Results collection all use purple pigments to tone down yellow brassiness. Purple/silver shampoo has a powerful formula, so it's recommended to only use once or twice a week and to top up hydration with a weekly hair mask.

Other Tips To Revive Coloured Hair

While purple shampoo is always a good option because it’s easy to use, don’t forget that there are other colouring options you can opt for, such as pigmented hair masks. For example, the brand new ink-in-care collection, Reflection Chromatique by Kérastase, offers you the ability to enhance and correct colour between salon visits using the personalized Touche Chromatique formula. Each colour-specific option delivers a dose of neutralizing or colour-enhancing hues alongside a deeply nourishing Reflection mask. Make sure you follow up with the colour-protecting and strengthening Reflection shampoo, Bain Chromatique, in order to fend off fade and keep your hair shining!

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