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Shiny Hair, Do Care. Discover A Revolutionary New Secret To Shiny Hair

Elizabeth Hall
09 March 2020

Sometimes, regardless of how amazing your haircare routine is, shiny hair just won’t happen. If you’ve tried everything under the sun (including brushing your hair 100x- it’s a myth BTW) and your hair still refuses to emit that light-catching sheen we all love and want, it’s time to leave this in the hands of the pros. Don’t feel bad, sometimes hair is stubborn and needs a profesh touch! That’s where in-salon treatment Kérastase K Water saves the day- this revolutionary product has been formulated with a real game-changer that we will cover in a bit. Sure, we know that shine starts with the overall health of your hair, but using the right products and tools play a big role as well. Here, we tell you all about this new product and its ground-breaking technology that is sure to make a splash in salons all over the globe. Be the first to join the haircare revolution and get shiny hair while you’re doing it! Scroll through for shine that is divine.

The Future Of Haircare: The Lowdown On K Water

long brown shiny hair

When a new haircare product hits the market promising mirror-catching shine, you best believe we are the first to investigate! Kérastase is known to deliver show-stopping looks, and K Water is no exception. Here, we tell you everything you need to know about the in-salon treatment you never knew you needed in your life and how to keep the shine going strong, long after you’ve parted with your stylist.

What is K Water?

Kérastase K Water  was formulated using Lamellar Technology, a solution that uses ultra-lightweight molecules that are 10 times smaller than those found in traditional formulas. These molecules are activated the moment they make contact with water, forming an ultra-fine topcoat on your mane. Kérastase K Water targets the sections of your hair that are dull and damaged, leaving them with noticeable shine.

But K Water doesn’t stop there: as this in-salon treatment is activated purely by water, this treatment takes just seconds to work- magic, right? Your in-salon professional will douse your hair in K Water and wash it off immediately- producing the shiny hair of your dreams, in an instant.

What Hair Is K Water Suitable For?

Spoiler alert: everyone! The experts have assured us that this in-salon solution can be worked onto any hair texture, and it’s especially formulated for dry, coarse or kinky hair. In our opinion, K Water is perfect for anyone looking to amp up the shine and fluidity throughout their mane. If you have a big event coming up and can’t suss out what to do with your hair (we’ve been there), remember that shiny hair is always a look. Ask your stylist to add K Water to your salon treatment for a high-impact finish that’s loaded with the good stuff, lots of shine!

How do you go about getting this amazing treatment?

As we mentioned earlier, this treatment is a salon-only service that you can request with your stylist. You can ask for K Water any time you’re at the salon as an add-on to your regular maintenance. And because this treatment has no leave-in time required, it will be your quickest - and most transformative - service yet.

Shine On, Beyond K Water

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Once you’ve walked out of the salon with locks that could land you in hair commercial (we can dream, right?)
it's only natural that you would want to maintain the shine long after your K Water treatment. K Water lasts up until hair is washed again, so how do we extend the life of our shiny locks? The right haircare routine. Check out our recommended regime for your shiniest hair ever!

If you can’t go longer than a few days without reaching for hot styling tools, go for Kérastase L’Huile Originale- this product lends hair heat protection up to 230° C whilst leaving you with a visibly intense shine… don’t forget your sunnies, the results are no joke.

Moisturised hair is shiny hair, which is why we love Kérastase Fondant Elixir Ultime. Use only a hazelnut-sized amount of this product for shine up to, wait for it… 6 times more visible. This conditioner is ideal for those living in the city as it prevents pollution from redepositing onto the hair fibre. Who wants pollution hanging out in their strands? Gross. When your mane is looking a little lacklustre, opt for a hair mask like Kérastase Masque Elixir Ultime, a more concentrated formula that will transform dull-looking hair into the shiny locks of your dreams.

After a long summer of sun and saltwater, it’s time to treat yourself with shiny hair!

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