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The Heat Protection Tool Kit To Lock In Healthier Locks

Elizabeth Hall
01 April 2019
woman having hair styled with straighteners

Question: would you wander through the scorching desert without sunscreen? Probably not. So how could you blow dry or straighten your locks without hair heat protectors? If you’re in a committed relationship with your styling tools, we get it - dishevelled beach waves are life, but you should always prep it! We’ve rounded up the handiest hair heat protectors tool kit with the help of Darren Fowler, owner and Creative Director, fowler35 + founder of the Fowler Hair Academy, so you can continue reaching for your hair straighteners minus the guilt. Your hair will thank you with lively, lustrous locks and you won’t need to break up with your styling tools, win-win! Scroll through to learn how to split up with split ends using the best hair heat protectors on the market.

Why Heat Protection For Hair Is Vital

Flyaways and frayed ends are two F words we avoid like the plague - steer clear of these pesky F words by investing in the best heat protectant spray for you. You might be wondering if heat protection for hair is necessary, we know… another step in your beauty routine doesn’t sound ideal, but neither is the scent of singeing, burnt hair in your curling iron. Just like you would never step into the harmful UV rays of the sun without sunscreen (we hope!), you shouldn’t engage in heat styling before protecting your locks with hair heat protectors.

“Heat protectors protect the hair from heat when you are using styling products like hairdryers, tongs and straighteners” 

Darren Fowler Owner and Creative Director, Fowler35 + Founder of the Fowler Hair Academy

So, how do they work? Like sunscreen shields your skin with a protective layer of zinc, hair heat protectors do the same with a defensive barrier of silicones. This heroic barrier coats the cuticle of your hair strand, which prevents heat damage from your styling tools.  In turn, you’re rewarded with a mane that’s bouncy and full of life. Not only does this protective barrier ward off heat styling damage, but it also eliminates free radical damage caused by UV rays. Sure, you can chop off heat-damaged ends as they come - but with our comprehensive guide of hair heat protectors, you won’t have to. If you can’t stand the heat… read on to reap the benefits of heat protection for hair.

“Because using styling tools can damage your hair. Heat protection acts a bit like sunscreen for your hair - it provides a barrier over the hair shaft so helps to avoid the hair becoming dry, brittle, split and generally not doing what you want it to.”

Darren Fowler Owner and Creative Director, Fowler35 + Founder of the Fowler Hair Academy

Beat The Heat With The Best Hair Heat Protectors

With the importance of heat protection sussed out, it’s time to turn up the heat. Enter: the best hair heat protectors sprays (or creams) that will save the integrity of your locks aaand leave hair smelling flowery and delightful. We’ve hit the hair jackpot and we’re feeling generous, take advantage!

“My favourite is Tecni.ART Constructor. This heat-activated protection spray is incredibly versatile and can be used for blow dying, tonging and well as for creating textured looks as well.  It also doesn’t leave residue in the hair, leaving it looking natural and like no product has been used at all.”

Darren Fowler Owner and Creative Director, Fowler35 + Founder of the Fowler Hair Academy

There’s a whole range of various hair heat protectors sprays and creams to keep damage at bay to boot.

Here is what others we found that will be worth your pound. If you fancy spray hair heat protectors…

  • L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART PliIf you’re falling flat in the volume department, this is the best heat protectant spray for you. It’s a backstage favourite for a reason - when used alongside your trusty blow dryer, you’re rewarded with a voluminous look that’s worthy of supermodels. To use: don’t be shy when applying this spray onto towel-dried hair! The key is to lift your roots whilst you blow dry for body and volume that won’t let you down, literally. 


  • Redken Iron Shape 11: Forget the frizz - this is the best heat protectant spray if you’re looking for a little double-action… it is protective and reparative. Not your basic crunchy finishing spray, this product guards your tresses from heat up to 232C. Major bonus: it never builds up on hot tools, aaaaat last! To use: spray thoroughly onto dry hair before reaching for the straighteners.

woman with long brown hair being styled
  • Matrix Heat Buffer hair spray: This product allows for a smooth and shiny finish with heat protection up to, wait for it… 232C. It’s lightweight with a flexible hold and it may be the difference between lustrous locks and tired-looking tresses. Keep calm and spray your heat protectant on! To use: spray a few mists of this product onto damp locks before styling for texture and shine that just don’t quit.

If you’re after a crème-de-la-crème (cream) thermal-protector…

  • Redken Pillow Proof: This award winning Express Primer is ideal for ladies with thicker or coarser hair that needs a lil’ extra in terms of taming. It not only beats the heat, but it leaves strands stronger and healthier whilst prepping hair for any styling. This product smells heavenly and comes packaged pretty in pink, because who isn’t a sucker for aesthetics? To use: pump product onto hands and work evenly throughout hair before styling. The pros say for blow dry prep, use 2-3 pumps and work onto damp hair, focusing on the ends. Split ends be gone!

Want to avoid lacklustre, straw-like strands? We thought so. That’s why you need these products integrated into your beauty routine ASAP. It’s also recommended to take a break (no, not breaking up) from your heating tools at least one day a week to ensure optimum hair health is in place. So it’s in your hands now, the best heat protectant spray is only a salon away! If you’re unsure which one to choose from, your stylist will be your go-to guru (as always).

When it comes to heat styling, we only have one objection - use protection!  
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