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This Professional Botanical Shampoo Is Eco-Friendly And Changing Salon Hair Care

Elizabeth Hall
11 May 2019
woman with hair tied up and flowers

Natural haircare is on the rise, and we wanted to share with you all about these wholesome, goodness-filled innovations, such as the like of botanical shampoo. Here’s why plant-derived ingredients work wonders for your hair and how your natural haircare and botanical shampoo can better the planet!

The Need For Natural Haircare

Your prayers for indulgent professional conditioning treatments were heard with coconut and argan oil-filled ranges like Aura Botanica... But now you can further satisfy your need for natural haircare products with professional natural haircare that has a delicate floral touch! Natural haircare shampoo, like those found in L’Oréal Professionnel’s salon exclusive Source Essentielle range, are beautifully simple and with vegan formulas whilst still providing quality results.

But that’s not all - with today’s world spreading more awareness on serious environmental issues, women now want to be able to lessen their environmental impact through their natural haircare products. With thoughtfully crafted salon-only collections like Source Essentielle, what more could you want from a shampoo?

Natural Haircare For Every Hair Type

Whilst some shampoos contain synthetic chemicals that can weaken your hair, plant-derived ingredients in botanical shampoo actually respect your strands and can give your hair the natural boost it needs. Good for your hair, good for the planet...

We fell in love with the array of exotic naturally-derived ingredients found in Source Essentielle’s collection of shampoos, balms and oils. Normal hair can be quickly refreshed and revitalised with acacia leaves and aloe vera essence, jasmine flowers and sesame oil are used to deeply hydrate dry hair, and those with a sensitive scalp can benefit from a blend of calendula flowers and camomile flower extract. To bring back radiance in colour-treated hair, Source Essentielle uses fig pulp and immortelle flowers. Who knew that by just looking around and using the best of what nature has to offer such as botanical shampoo makes for healthy hair? Ah, the fruits of nature!

display of natural source essentielle shampoo

And we need to talk about the natural haircare packaging; we love how this collection shows off delicate flower petals suspended in a beautifully clear aqueous solution, as if they are capturing nature in a bottle. It’s like an English garden all packed into a tiny, beautiful vessel!

Support Sustainability Through The Right Hair Care Products

“Natural products must not just be good for oneself but also good for the planet and for everyone” - Marion Brunet, International General Manager for L’Oréal Professionnel The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

If you love the environment like us, you can also reduce your environmental footprint by buying eco-friendly hair care products, such as Source Essentielle - it may be a small step, but it’s a sure step in the right direction (the little things count!).

Source Essentielle is a great model for future salon moves because their botanical shampoo and products feature eco-designed packaging and use a minimal amount of plastic. We also love the fact that the bottles are refillable and were made to optimise transportation (little holes in the bottoms of the bottles make for easier stacking!), fuelling its ecological make-up even further.

source essentielle shampoo being re-filled

You can even stop by the salon with your at-home Source Essentielle bottles to get up to 3 refills, which helps to reduce waste. The idea is a positive cycle of sustainable production and consumption, so that everyone does their part for the environment!

Start with a small step by choosing natural haircare products kinder to the planet!

Interested in finding out more and trying the L’Oréal Professionnel Botanical Shampoo? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair professional near you
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