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Treatments For Thin Haired Women

Elizabeth Hall
12 February 2019
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Being a thin-haired chick has its perks (using less hair products, not breaking every hair tie you own), but it can be a bit frustrating at times. Which is why we have compiled all the most valuable information and treatments for thin haired women so you don’t have to spend hours searching the depths of the web to no avail… de nada. We cover traits of thin hair (not to be confused with thinning hair) and how you can make do with what you were born with, and no, it doesn’t involve getting extensions! Whilst you can’t fight genetics (thanks mum and dad), you can at least make your strands look like they have more thickness and volume - take that genes! Scroll on to learn our list of favourite products to bless you with a plumper head of hair than what you started with.

Treatments For Thin Haired Women: How Do You Know If You Have Thin Hair?

The chances are, if you have thin hair, then you’re probably very familiar with the matter. Before we suss out treatments for thin haired women, we’re cracking down on the characteristics of thin hair.

  • Handle With Care: Thin Hair Can Be Fragile!

Thin hair refers to how dense your follicles are. With thin hair, you may notice it falls out easily whilst styling or brushing because the individual strands are just that, thin! When you have follicles on the thinner side, your hair is more susceptible to breakage and damage in general, so handle with care.  

  • Oh Hi, Scalp!

If you’ve thrown your hair into a ponytail and notice some gaps where hair should be on your scalp, you my friend, probably have thin hair. On average, humans have around 2,200 hairs per square inch on their scalp. If you’re certain you’re well under this number, there’s another sign your locks are thin.

  • Limp Locks

If you’ve spent precious time styling your hair only to walk outside and BOOM - the flat monster strikes, your hair is probs thin. Tonging the hell out of your hair for thirty minutes only to bask in the glory of your ringlets for a mere minute before it falls flat like a pancake… we get the struggle. And braiding hair? Forget it.

Treatments For Thin Haired WomenThin Hair Styling 101

Each hair type requires a different type of approach, there’s no exception for ladies with less locks. But here are a couple tips on how to care for thin hair like a pro, which everyone could benefit from.

  • Don’t Wait Too Long To Wash

Unlike your thick-haired counterparts, thin haired women can’t pull off washing their hair once or twice a week… when you have thin hair, it’s important to keep your mane clean. The reason you should wash more often than women with thick hair is because thin hair is scarcer, therefore when it’s greasy it looks even thinner. Not the look anyone is aiming for.

  • Think About A Haircut

The trick to thin hair is to create a facade that you have more hair than you do. Work with an experienced stylist to create a look that makes hair appear fuller and denser. Ha! Houdini has nothing on you. Styles like a geometrical bob can help give the appearance of thicker hair. You may think the opposite, but the weight of longer hair can make thin hair look even flatter and more weighed down. No thanks!

How To Care For Thin Hair: Treatments For Thin Haired Women

It’s time to hop off the struggle bus and talk treatments for thin haired women. Yes, they exist and yes, they can lend the illusion of thicker, more plentiful locks - WOO! So, without further introduction, here are the products you need in your life to pump up the volume.

If you’ve stayed over at a friend’s house and the only shampoo they had was for ‘normal’ hair, you’re probably familiar with the fear of using the wrong products. The first products you should be arming your arsenal with start in the shower caddy: shampoos and conditioners! The Pureology Fullfyll range swells the hair fibre to leave locks looking up to 10% thicker. The range consists of a shampoo, conditioner and densifying spray to kick the appearance of less-than-full hair to the curb. Another pro-adored product to stock up on: the Biolage Advanced Fibre Strong range. Like the Fullfyll range, the Fibre Strong range also includes a shampoo, conditioner, and fortifying cream. This hair-hero trio targets fragile strands to reduce breakage whilst enhancing the hair’s fibre and integrity.

When searching for treatments for thin haired women, you can’t forgo a proven hair-densifying care product like Kérastase Kera Specifique Cure Anti-Chute. This is an investment well worth making if you’re serious about improving the appearance of thin hair. The treatment lasts six weeks and has tried and tested results of leaving hair feeling denser. Simply apply this miracle concoction onto your scalp by sections every day for thicker, more luscious feeling hair!

Being born with thin hair has never been easier with these magical products - what a time to be alive!

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