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Your Favorite Blowout Product Just Got The 'No Makeup' Makeover

18 September 2018
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Breaking news: The bouncy blowout is dead. Your days of dropping cash to sit in a salon chair and have your hair round-brushed until your scalp aches a little are over (that is, unless you’ve scheduled a full haircut).

We’ve fully entered the era of “less is more.” Our mothers didn’t feel comfortable leaving the house without fully set hair, blush, and lipstick, but our generation would rather feel fresh. Credit innovations in makeup formulas or a changing of trends for the updated take on personal appearance. A little tinted moisturizer, a natural-looking hair texture, and a lip stain are all it takes to send us on our way out the door most mornings.

Although the “no makeup” trend may have started in the cosmetics industry, it’s since spread throughout the realms of hair and fashion. By now, you’re probably already an athleisure or normcore enthusiast, applying effort to dressing as simply as possible. Now, it’s time to take that ethos and apply it to your mane.

The New Blow Dry

Are you ready to put down the heat styling tools and rethink the way you use them? So are we. Shu Uemura Art of Hair artistic principal Lauren Sill chalks up the low-maintenance hair trend to a combination of factors the average woman faces every day.

"We are busier than ever and women are looking to enhance their hair, not entirely change it...Our idea of beauty continues to expand to include more textures and diversity, and that benefits everyone who hasn't always fit the typical mould of beauty." - Lauren Sill The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

Somewhere between the gym and the office, something’s got to give. In this case, it’s your complicated hair routine.

A BB Cream Just for Hair

If you’ve ever tried a BB cream (the BB stands for “beauty balm”), you’ve likely been converted to the product forever. It’s lighter than a foundation, leaving your skin still feeling like just-moisturized bare skin. Somewhat mysteriously, the product adapts to your skin tone and leaves your complexion glowing.

These days, it isn’t just your face getting the BB treatment. Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s newest launch is a twin set of Blow Dry Beautifiers, a pair of products designed to enhance your hair’s natural texture without leaving it crunchy or weighed down. If you’ve applied these BB creams correctly, you shouldn’t even really feel product in your hair.

According to Sill, the Blow Dry Beautifiers reflect a change she’s already seen in her clients. Instead of perfect, silken waves, they want their hair to look as natural as possible.

“Clients are more into natural texture, or messy waves,” she says. “I hardly ever do big bouncy blowouts anymore, especially on medium-length hair. I use a lot of lived-in, imperfect iron techniques for a beachy, wavy texture that is quick to do.”

Sill jokingly refers to the death of “newscaster hair.” It isn’t that clients want their hair to look less polished, it’s that they want to embrace the texture they’ve spent years flat ironing or blow-drying away.

‘Babylights’ for Blow Drying

It’s a fact that children have the best hair on the planet (that is, when there isn’t mac and cheese stuck in it). They haven’t yet learned to fuss with it, so it’s silky and soft from regular washing. Plus, they’re the beneficiaries of beautiful, blonde highlights created by the sun.

We’ve already seen a wave of colorists replicate those sunny streaks with “babylights,” but it’s time to apply that same idea to texture. Sill loves the Blow Dry Beautifiers because they come with the promise of a barely-there “nude” finish.

So, what does nude mean when it comes to hair? We wondered, too.

“Exactly how it sounds, like you've got nothing on!” Sill says. “It reminds me of a little kid's hair, smooth and soft in a natural way, not coated or product-y.”

If you’re in the market for a product that promises to help your hair look its best, the Blow Dry Beautifiers are your new favorite product.

The Blow Dry Beautifiers are unique not only because they bring beauty balm into the hair world, but also because of their approach to hair styling. This isn’t about trying to pretend you have an entirely different mane. Instead, you’re making the texture you already have look its best.

“One of my favorite things is helping someone say goodbye to the flatiron and fall in love with their curl again,” Sill adds. “[The product] has so many uses at once, and yet feels like you put nothing on. I love that you can style your hair in different ways day after day and it holds the shape so well.”

This brings us to the most important part of any product conversation: the part where we talk about its benefits. In the case of the Blow Dry Beautifiers, expect a workhorse formula that accomplishes five different results with a single application.

Available in two formulas for a range of hair textures—a BB Cream, for coarse strands, and a BB serum, for fine hair—the Blow Dry Beautifiers are formulated to help protect hair from heat damage while simultaneously helping hair appear silky smooth.

The best part? You can style and restyle with this product, adjusting your hairstyle based on your needs. Multiple days of styling without washing is the dream for ladies who have busy schedules.

Sill recommends using the product if you’re thinking of wearing several different styles within a few days.

“I often air dry my hair with it in, and curl it the next day,” Sill explains.

You can thank the product’s S.R.S. Technology for your continued good hair. Its inclusion in the formula means minimal appearance of frizz, with maximum wave and style. In other words, it’s responsible for your really good hair day.

Ready to dive into the “no makeup” movement for your hair? It’s not a difficult transition. Back away from your blowout brush and start investing time in your texture, instead.

Trust us, you’ll be thankful for this intervention later.

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