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3 Highlights Looks You Can Achieve In 30 Minutes

Elizabeth Hall
30 April 2019
woman getting highlights in her hair in salon

We know that, for many women, finding the time to come into the salon for a color refresh can be a rare luxury - but what if we told you that now you can get professional looking highlights, with express brightening in just 30 minutes? Yeah, we’re pretty excited too. We’ve got the low-down on the new game changer salon service from Trevor Sorbie with a little help from their International Technical Director, Nathan Walker that will allow you to #treatyourself more often - scroll through to learn about the future of express brightening and highlighting hair!

Beat The Clock: Get Professional Colour In Half The Time

Normally, any hair colouring including highlights used to be up to a 2 hour commitment that you would have to squeeze into your weekend plans. But hair professionals have realised that this needed to change, and created something revolutionary (bless them). Stylists and clients alike are freaking out about a new Express Brightening service from the experts at Trevor Sorbie that can actually allow you to brighten your hair in just 30 minutes! We told, revolutionary. Pros tell us the whole idea behind this is to be able to go lighter in a quicker, more precise manner… obviously you want to spend less time in the salon whilst maintaining the same highlights- or even better - results. Thank you modern technology, our schedules love you.

Making Up For Lost Time: How Does This Instant Highlighting Service Work?

This new service is the results of years of hair lightening research from the team at L’Oréal, with their Redken Express Blonde and L’Oréal Professionnel Instant Highlights tools leading to express brightening. The lightening cream is instantly activated underneath foil folds when heat is applied with the heat tool. With this tool, stylists can do minimal foils for max impact, just what we like to hear. The pros tell us that you should place between 10-15 foils strategically for the highest impact express brightening and highlights look. We now have the freedom of choice - the service is completely bespoke so you can consult with your stylist for tailor made results. The best stylists in the biz tell us that when done by a professional, the results are unmatched.

The expert team over at Trevor Sorbie have put together different looks that their International Technical Director, Nathan Walker created with personalised techniques named Express Brightening;

“Simple and quick, Express Brightening is an ideal introduction to professional colour. The trend for lower maintenance hair looks set to stay. I created these techniques to give a personal and tailored colour experience in the quickest amount of time. If you’re new to colour, then this is a fresh new way to lighten and enhance your existing tone"

Nathan Walker International Technical Director - Trevor Sorbie

Excited for new speedy highlights? Here are 3 highlights looks to inspire you to take a trip into the salon:

Honey Ombre


There’s nothing more hair goals than a silky, soft ombre. Let your transitional tones flow like honey by placing brighter bits on your ends. We love the glowy effect you get when paired with dark shadow roots - the results are a look that’s sweet as honey.

“Honey ombré is a great look for many different natural colours and works with most skin tones. The low maintenance side can also be a bonus! Our exclusive technique makes use of the latest tones that are a must have this season.” – Nathan Walker

Nathan Walker International Technical Director - Trevor Sorbie

Bright Contouring

Surely you’re well-versed in the wonders of makeup contouring, but what is hair contouring? It’s the same concept as makeup contouring for your face, but rather your stylist can strategically place lightened highlights strands in a way that naturally brightens up your face and enhances your features… kind of like a natural contour, sold.

“Express brightening is a wonderful introduction into the idea of contouring. Using simple fast techniques it uses the principle of contouring with exclusive methods and the latest technologies from L’Oréal Professionnel to deliver brightness that compliments your eye colour and skin tone. “ – Nathan Walker

Nathan Walker International Technical Director - Trevor Sorbie

Refined Babylights

Give your hair a glistening shimmer with some fine AF allover babylights. We love how this elevates cool blonde tones with more dimension. Multi-tonal shine from express brightening is oh-so-divine.

Love Your Lightened Locks: How To Protect Your Blonde Colour At Home

A speedy lightening service would be in vain if you slack on colour maintenance, are we right?

“We recommend the once you’ve discovered the simplicity and benefits of colour you invest in protecting your colour. Pureology have a complete range of colour protection and also a money back guarantee. One of my favourites is the Colour Fanatic Spray that comes with a huge 21 benefits”

Nathan Walker International Technical Director - Trevor Sorbie

Sign us up! Ensure you are also always using a bonding service such as Smartbond by L’Oréal Professionnel or Redken’s pH Bonder when colouring (your stylist will mix it with your colour to protect your hairs structure). In terms of at home haircare, the experts point us to at-home products to keep your locks lustrous: Redken Color Extend Blondage Purple Shampoo and Conditioner is your bright blonde ally. This colour-depositing product eliminates your blonde hair’s biggest enemy - brass. The line also keeps hair healthy, commence the hair flips. Try L’Oréal Professionnel’s Vitamino Colour to maintain beautiful bright and bold colour in between tonal washes. Be sure to incorporate this routine into your beauty rituals for optimal colour correction and more radiant, longer-lasting highlights

Joining the light side has never been easier - try out Express Brightening blonde for the highlighted hair of your dreams at a Trevor Sorbie salon near you and find out more at www.trevorsorbie.com.

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