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3 Refreshing Ways To Wear Your Espresso Hair Colour

23 July 2019
person with espresso hair colour brunette
espresso hair with braids

Espresso hair colour is a great hair colour option for those looking to give into their more dark side.We help you find your brunette rich espresso hair colour of dreams to help you to stand out. Get your hair game to sass level 10 with these three refreshing espresso hair colour styles!

Espresso Hair Colour Ft. Caramel Highlights With Bangs

espresso hair with caramel highlights and bangs

Espresso hair colour has warmth to it’s base so it’s flattering in that it soften your facial features. Going one-step further, this shade teamed up with caramel highlights and a long fringe beautifully frames and illuminates the face, thanks to this multi-dimensional colour. If your profile is on the longer side and you’d love to round it off, this look could work well for you. 

Espresso Hair Colour With Double Braids


espresso hair colour with braids

How gorge is this double-braided espresso brown hair up-do? This hairstyle can be worn up or down, making it perfect for special occasions, and is ideal for mid to long hair. And the best part? Espresso hair colour suits all skin tones, flattering for all eye colours, it can really make your eyes pop! Sign us up. 

Espresso Hair Colour High And Mighty Ponytail

espresso hair in a ponytail

Sleek and beautiful, a higher-than-heels power ponytail is the perfect way to show off your striking deep espresso hair colour. Behind the scenes, make sure you’re using the right hair care routine to get enviable hair shine.. The L’Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Color A-OX is a great option. You can also use serums for the ends and oils like L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Huile Originale for soft and shiny results once a week to provide optimal nourishment. Remember, the key to radiant hair starts in the shower!

Fire up your style with our top espresso hair colour ideas. Book into your salon now to get this energising espresso hair colour, try our salon locator now!

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