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4 Burgundy Ombre Hair Ideas That Are Awakening Our Inner Redheads

Elizabeth Hall
09 May 2019
woman with silver ombre burgundy hair

Stuck in a hair colouring rut? Three words: burgundy hair and ombré hair. Edgy, low-maintenance, and pleasing to the eye, this shade is the perfect way to add some colour and freshness to your ‘do. With so many ways to incorporate this burgundy hair colour, we’ve chosen 4 of our favourite variations to make this look your own such as ombre hair, in the trendiest way possible. From subtle shades to bold brights, this shade switch-up will transform your look and bring out the fiery redhead in you!

woman with auburn ombre burgundy hair

Brunette To Burgundy Ombre

woman with black ombre burgundy hair

What would a sunset be without the beautiful ombre hair gradient? It’s the same for this look, the key is keep the transition looking gradual. This means not having to obsess over your roots growing out (what a relief), making it a low maintenance style that packs a fruity punch! We love this look on brunettes seeking a little more flare to their hair - it’s edgy yet still in subtle territory. The pros say it best suits those with olive or dark complexions, but isn’t limited to as long as you choose a bespoke shade. To style this look, we adore feminine curls to show off the sultry ombre hair. Before you even look at styling tools, apply Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer to keep your burgundy hair protected and looking sleek, smooth and soft.

Silver To Icy Burgundy Ombre

woman with silver ombre burgundy hair

If you’re on the cooler side of the skin tone scale but find yourself lusting after burgundy hair and  ombre hair, we gotchu! Since ashy, more icy tones suit your colourings best, a soft silver to light burgundy, ombre hair has your name on it. If you want an extra splash of contrast, opt for a dark shadow effect at your roots to rock tritonal tresses!

Burgundy To Rustic Red Ombre

woman with red ombre burgundy hair

This hair colour is a looker, but requires a bit more work to achieve since you’re applying not one, but two colours! Burgundy hair and ombre hair. The end result speaks for itself. To keep the lustre in your locks after the colouring process, look no further than Matrix Biolage ColorLast Shampoo and ConditionerFormulated with a low pH, this product gently cleanses locks whilst maintaining your burgundy hair colour’s luminosity and radiance. 
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