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4 Reasons Why You Need Copper Highlights

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07 September 2019
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Copper highlights are the latest colour craze that are taking the internet, (or at least, social media) by storm. Highlights have always been a cult classic of hair makeovers because of their versatility- they lift your colour, add dimension to your tone, and change up your hair look without taking the plunge into the full colour change. Copper highlights are majorly trending at the moment with a shade for every babe: warm copper, burnt copper, dark copper, gold copper- everyone is copper covered. We’re chatting all things copper in our latest download on this fiery hair trend, and giving you the insider on 4 reasons why you NEED copper highlights- and need them now!

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Firstly, What Are Copper Highlights?

Copper highlights use the conventional technique of highlighting small sections of your hair using foils. When completed by a pro, the small sections of highlighted hair will gently lift your hair colour in a subtle, yet stunning way. Highlights can be done on a full head of a hair, half head, or just the T-section of your hair, depending of the effect you want a full head of highlights is when the whole body of your hair is sectioned and coloured, whereas half head, and T-section highlights focus on the top layers of your hair, if you’re struggling to know what style of highlights is best for you, don’t panic! We’ve got you covered. Copper highlights use red-y-brown tones, but don’t fear- copper tones are not just for red-heads. Copper highlights can be achieved on any hair colour and any length, making them a super versatile style. Use our salon finder to locate your nearest colour pro so that they can offer you advice on the best tones for you, and help you ‘cop’ the best copper!

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Why You Need Copper Highlights Reason #1

Copper highlights are a great way of adding warmth to you hair tone. Unlike hair trends such as rose brown hair, or grey hair, which add cooler ashy tones to your hair, copper highlights add warm red tones: think of it like an eternal autumnal glow! This means that copper highlights can transform your hair to a radiant red-y halo, framing your face with a warm aura- how angelic! Copper highlights also work to warm up your skin tone, making them a perfect choice, especially to complement skin tones with a pink or golden undertone. We’re sold and ready to get our glow on!

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Why You Need Copper Highlights Reason #2

The second reason why we’re lusting after copper highlights is because they add depth and dimension to your hair. Your professional stylist will skilfully add a range of tones to compliment your current colour, and leave you with a gorgeously deep, multi-dimensional look. By doing this depth is added to the hair, making it appear full and thick, even if your hair is naturally thinner. The darker tones of your new coloured tresses will frame your face perfectly, while the red tones will catch the light and add an instant sense of thickness and body to your locks- thick, full, and fabulous- we love it!

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Why You Need Copper Highlights Reason #3

Shine, shine, shine! As we mentioned copper highlights catch the light, which is not only great for adding a depth to your tone, but also adds shine. Highlighted hair is more likely to look shiny and glossy because it causes the light to reflect off it. This added shine will help give off the ultimate healthy glow. To add to your shine ask your stylist to add some lighter copper tones, and trim your tresses in order to achieve maximums shine- you’ll be glowing from the inside, out.

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Why You Need Copper Highlights Reason #4

Quite simply put: copper highlights suit everyone! They may be an obvious choice if you’re a natural red head, but the range of copper colours out there means there is a shade to suit blondes, brunettes and redheads alike. If you have blonde locks, ask your stylist for some lighter copper tones, like strawberry blonde in order to add a ginger-cake glow without bright red tones. For brunettes, consider darker copper, or burnt copper highlights which are subtly blended in for a beautiful brunette transformation. For red heads, or warmer hair colours anything from bright copper tones, to deep reds will suit- the world (or at least, the hair salon) is your oyster! Copper highlights are also a great idea no matter the length of your hair, any hair cut- from pixie cut, to long lengths can be highlighted, meaning copper highlights are a must-have for all.

Ready to get red? So are we! Find your local colour pro with our salon locator, and book in to achieve your red-head dreams with copper highlights!

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