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4 Ways To Wear Brown And Pink Hair

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28 August 2019
woman with short pink hair style

Bubble gum, pastel pink, cherry, or fuchsia? The options are endless when it comes to a hair colour change in the pink hair direction. Plus we have an update on this blush-worthy trend: pink hair is no longer just for blondes! We’re giving the low down on how to achieve pink hair even as a brunette, with our 4 top ways to wear brown and pink hair. So, tell your hairdresser to hold the bleach and get reading because we’re getting rosy!

Brown and Pink Hair Inspo #1

woman with short pink hair style

The first brown and pink hair style that we are loving right now is bronde hair with pale pink highlights. Bronde, for those of you who don’t know is a mixture of blonde and brunette- perfect for those of us who just can’t decide if blondes, or brunettes have more fun. Bronde hair is achieved by leaving some of the darker base colours of the hair, and highlighting the T-section of the head. Once your stylist has achieved this, ask for some of the blonde sections of the hair to be coloured a light dusky pink. For a bolder contrast, ask your colourist to darken the brunette shades of your hair in order to make the pink pop. The result: gorgeous brown and pink hair which is bright enough to notice, but perfect for those who don’t want to brave a full head of pink.

Brown and Pink Hair Inspo #2

woman with long dark pink hair

The second brown and pink hair style that we can’t get enough of is dark brown roots, subtly melted into dark pink hair. To achieve this look, consult your stylist- when it comes to the best pink hair colours going pro is always the best option in order to avoid any pink DIY disasters! Talk to your stylist about getting a root stretch, to bring out your brunettes tones, and blend this into a dark pink colour a few inches from the root. To add depth to this look ask your stylist to gradually blend the darker pink tones into lighter tips for the perfect pink lift. This colour combo looks best styled straight and sleek to show off that gorgeous colour blend. Et voilà: brown and pink hair that is too good not to ‘gram.

Brown and Pink Hair Inspo #3

woman with long rose brown hair

The queen of colours: rose brown, the ultimate brown and pink hair buzz word of the moment that is on everybody’s lips (and hair). Rose brown hair is a brunette update on rose gold - the popping pink hair colour for blondes. But fear not! This rosy shade is not just for blonde babes. Rose brown is achieved by your hair colour expert lightening some of the darker tones of brunette hair using a freehand technique which is similar to balayage. After a subtle lift, the hair will be treated to a musky, metallic pink tone. Different types of rose brown hair colours can be achieved based on the type of look you’re going for: more muted tones create a vintage, powdery effect, while deep, dusky pink tones are perfect for a subtle hint of pink.

Brown and Pink Hair Inspo #4

woman with chocolate brown tresses

The final brown and pink hair colour that we’re obsessed with is chocolate brown tresses with a bold, bright pink section underneath. This look is perfect for a hide and seek style pink, as the hair is sectioned, and only a few strips at the bottom of the hair are lightened and coloured pink. This look is ideal if you’re wanting a small amount of a pretty pink hue, while retaining the majority of your brunette colour. For a bold contrast: ask your stylist to add some deep chocolate tones to your brunette hair in order to make the pink pop even more! Contrast your brunette locks with a vivid pink hair shade such as strawberry or magenta. Wear this look styled in an updo, or a classic pony tail for the pink to be seen- the perfect brown and pink hair colour that is versatile and subtle- yes please.

If you’re ready to take the pink plunge get booked in at your local salon through our salon locator and get ready for all the compliments on your pink and brown hair.

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