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The Name’s Bronde, Fresh Bronde! 5 Styles For Blushing Brondes

Elizabeth Hall
18 September 2018
woman with long bronde wavy hair with a plain backdrop

More and more people are opting for the more natural looking bronde hair colour than ever before. Why? Because decisions are hard and when you can have the best of both worlds, why on earth would you not? The perfect balance of blonde and brunette adds really pretty dimension and with the right hairstyles, this colour can be showcased as the true gem that it is. We’ve gathered five styles that will complement the true beauty of bronde - get some inspiration below.

Bronde Is Back… And It Looks Better Than Ever With The Right Hairstyles.


Your bronde colour is all about depth. Dark blonde or brunette roots with pops of blonde to enhance your best features is what bronde is all about. This colour looks good on everyone because your stylist can whip up a bespoke shade just for you - and trust us, there’s one for everyone.


But what is a beautiful hair colour if not styled to harness its beauty? It’s like finding the perfect Christmas tree but deciding not to decorate it - it just doesn’t make sense. With shimmering hints of blonde and a darker base, this hair colour was meant to be put on display. Don’t let your bronde sit in the backseat - it’s time to take this colour front and centre with five hairstyles carefully chosen to make you a multi-dimensional goddess. Scroll down to see our top picks to make you the most brilliant bronde you can be.

1. Bouncy Bronde Beach Curls

The best part of bronde is showing off both the blonde and brunette tones. Sure, this colour is low maintenance, but the look certainly doesn’t suffer as a result. Loose curls define the brunette base ever so subtly whilst showing off the sun-kissed strands to make for flawless dimension. Oh la la. This style will make your bronde not-so-basic. For tousled, California girl waves, pros recommend spritzing a bit of L’Oréal Professionnel Wild Stylers by Techni.ART for an added textured effect before barrel curling your mane.


2. Pied Piper Bronde Braids

This hairstyle will take you into another dimension, literally. Showing off your two-toned shades is made easy with the ever-so-popular pipe braids. Models first debuted this look at Coachella and it took our Instagram feed by storm. What we love most about this style is the captivating multi-tonal effect you get with it. Weaving your strands into double-toned perfection works not only at music festivals, but can be elegant and fun at weddings, bridal and baby showers. If statement hair is your thing, intertwine some coloured string to get a flash of colour that is perfect for festivals and shows.

3. Bronde Old Hollywood Waves

Glossy ribbons of dimension highlight the beauty of bronde in the most classy, elegant way. Perfect for formal events, this look gives us serious Hollywood starlight vibes. Your blonde and brunette strands will shine like a star on Hollywood Boulevard. Just be mindful not to take too much attention from the bride if you sport this look at a wedding since you’re sure to look downright beautiful.

4. Off-Duty Bronde Bun

Because bronde is the unofficial off-duty model hair colour, it’s only appropriate that you have the hairstyle to match. A messy loose bun shows off both your brunette and blonde locks in an effortless yet alluring way. Simply flip your hair into a ponytail, secure, twist and secure again - voilà, cool hair, don’t care. Pull out some loose strands for a face-framing, laidback effect that will make the overall look a bit more relaxed. For a formal event: try loose curls before pulling hair into a bun to make the style more elegant.

5. High and Mighty Bronde


V is for volume! This style is volumising and chic. Everyone knows that a high ponytail instantly gives a more youthful, fun appearance to your look. Your bronde will be the centre of attention as this pulled-back look will showcase all the tones in your ‘do. One of our favourite renditions of this hairstyle features loose, relaxed curls and you guessed it, volume! Before blow drying wet hair, pump some Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Angle Angora through your strands for an amplified, volumizing effect that will amp up your girl-next-door ponytail.

With a hair colour as low maintenance and pretty as bronde, there’s no reason you can’t crank up your hairstyle game. Try these looks to have your bronde make a statement to boot.

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