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6 Hair Colours For The Ultimate Afro Inspiration

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19 September 2019
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Totally feelin’ the ‘fro vibes? So are we. We’re talking all things afro, and giving you the low down on our top ideas for colouring afro hair. There’s no better time to embrace your natural curls, (and look amazing doing it). Afro hair is all about gorgeously defined curls, covetable texture, and strong strut-worthy style that will leave you feeling ‘fro-tastic. We’ve come up with these 6 #hairspo ideas to upgrade your afro, we’re talking a whole spectrum of colours: blonde, caramel, neon- practically the whole rainbow. So sit back, relax, and let your curls do the talking with these awesome ideas for colouring afro hair.

Colouring Afro Hair: The Blonde Buzz

woman with short icy coloured afro hair

Buzz cuts have been a major hair trend of 2019, and honey- we love them. A buzz cut is a great afro hairstyle to channel your inner editorial, supermodel look. Plus, buzz cuts require minimal styling, so you can actually say ‘I woke up like this’ and mean it! Colouring afro hair can be tricky, so to achieve this look we recommend having a chat with your hair colourist about your buzzing blonde transformation. Platinum blonde hair is achieved by your colourist lightening your ‘fro with bleach based products, and toning it with a bright, light blonde shade. Et Voilà: a beautiful blonde buzz transformation.

Colouring Afro Hair: The Vivid

woman with long vivid coloured afro hair

Vivid hair colours are all over our Insta feeds right now- and we love it. To give your locks a kick, why not try a colour change in the rainbow direction. Our top colour picks are super vivid shades like electric lime, bubble-gum pink, or coral orange. When colouring afro hair bright colours, bleach-based products will be used by your hair colourist to lift the dark tones out of your hair. And a custom vivid shade can be mixed to suit your hair- and your personality! If you fancy a vivid shade with less need to lighten, try a bright hair colour with a darker base- such as purple, or berry red.

Colouring Afro Hair: The Lightened Tips

woman with long afro hair lightened tips

When it comes to colouring afro hair, sometimes a super subtle change can be just what you need. This is why we love the just-sun-kissed-lightened-tips look on afro hair. To achieve this look, your hair colourist will lighten just the ends of your curls using a foiling technique similar to highlighting. This means you can choose as much or as little lightening as you please- a super versatile style for colouring afro hair.

Colouring Afro Hair: The Caramel Swirl

woman with long caramel swirl coloured afro hair

If you’re salted caramel obsessed this afro hairstyle is for you. The caramel swirl afro hair colour is achieved by a professional lightening your hair to a burnt caramel shade, and giving it amazing aftercare so that your curls retain their full bounce and body. This look is perfect for anyone wanting to dip their toes (and their curls) into the blonde colour craze but without too much lightening. To achieve a tasty caramel look, we suggest visiting your salon to talk lightening treatments.

Colouring Afro Hair: The Chocolate Truffle

woman with long chocolate truffle coloured afro hair

This afro hairstyle really is as tasty as it sounds. Chocolate brown is a sumptuous colour to choose when colouring afro hair. This look is a subtle way to change up your colour, and is achieved by the hair colour being gently lifted, and then coloured a deep, intense chocolate brown. If you love the sound of this style, book in with your stylist and get chatting about chocolate (brown hair).

Colouring Afro Hair: Copper Curls

woman with short copper coloured afro hair

When colouring afro hair you may want to consider copper. Copper is a great choice in the colour department because the warm, golden brown shade is flattering on every face shape. To achieve this shade your hair colourist will expertly treat your hair to lighten it, and the colour it an auburn-y-copper shade. Burnt copper, warm copper, golden copper: ask you stylist to give you the low down on the copper craze, and how to achieve it

Now that we’ve answered all your questions on how to colour afro hair: may your curls always be bouncy, and may your ‘fro always be fresh. 

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