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A Red Heads Guide: Great Hairstyles for Red Hair

18 September 2018
woman with long wavy ginger hair
Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth Hall


An American journalist living in Paris, Elizabeth has a passion for all things hair.

The colour of Autumn leaves, roses and our favourite tasty fruits, red strands are a hair force to be reckoned with. As the rarest natural hair colour in the world (around only 2% of the world's population is born with the fiery hue),  it’s a shade whose beauty can be denied by none. Being a scarlet siren is a sure way to never be lost in a crowd, your red hair will always stand out - and with a hair colour so striking and memorable, you should have a hairstyle to match. Luckily for you, we hunted the hottest hairstyles for red hair and compiled them here for your aesthetic inspo pleasures. Keep reading for all the ginger hairspo your fiery heart desires.

Why Red Hair Has Stolen Our Hearts

When it comes to high impact hair colours, nothing beats red hair. Rocking the rarest hair colour is bold on its own, but if you’re wanting to step your head-turning game up a notch, pairing gingery tresses with an on-trend hairstyle is major #hairgoals. Whether you go smooth to show off the vibrant shine redheads pull of so well or opt for glossy curls to match your fiery personality, we gathered the hottest hairstyles for red hair to take you to ginger babe 2.0.

Hairstyles For Red Hair #1: Smooth Scarlet Waves ft. Deep Side Part

This hairstyle radiates Old Hollywood glam vibes that we will forever be obsessed with. Think sexy, sultry redhead with ginger locks that just don’t quit. Start by parting your hair at one of your temples (for more volume, the side you don’t usually part). Then curl hair the opposite way you normally would starting below the ear for “inverted curls”. The smooth texture of this look brings out the high-volume sheen we’re all craving. Want to enhance the shine? The pros lend us one of their favourite products in their frizz-fighting arsenal - Matrix Biolage Smoothing Shine Milk creates the perfect glamouresque waves whilst strengthening and conditioning your fire-coloured locks. Spritz on this pro-approved potion before styling for a Hollywood-ready hair ensemble.

Hairstyles For Red Hair #2: Wild Rouged Curls

Wild, untamed curly red hair. Do we need to say more? These days, curls aren’t looking like the unforgiving perm your mother had back in the 80s; it’s all about au naturel, “I woke up like this” ringlets. This look is sure to channel your inner-scarlet vixen and leave a red hued silhouette behind you wherever you go. For effortless looking curls, start by wetting your hair in the shower (but don’t wash as curls tend to hold better when not freshly shampooed). Run your fingers through your hair to try and remove and traces of styling products. Next, apply a good frizz-fighting spray - we love Matrix Biolage Frizz Control styling spray as it beats the bedhead and is infused with invigorating hints of lavender. Take sections of your hair and begin to scrunch Apply some Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl curling cream to the section and continue the scrunching motion. Attach your diffuser to your hairdryer and turn on the highest heat but lowest level. Place the diffuser as close as you can to your hair for a few seconds at a time and continue to move hair in a scrunching motion. Once hair is nearly all dry, pump in some more curling product for the unkempt curls of your dreams.

Hairstyles For Red Hair #3: Messy Fiery Side Braid

What we love most about this look is that it manages to strike a balance between regal and relaxed. This disheveled side braid puts your red hair front and centre, just where it belongs. To create this look, you want to start by clipping the top section (the crown) of your hair up and away. Then gather all of your hair and move to one side - leave some loose strands on the opposite side for the “messy” look. Braid the hair into a classic three-way braid. Next, gently loosen the braid (starting from the bottom and working your way up) by pulling the braid on both sides. Un-clip the top crown section you pulled back earlier and with a curling iron, add some waves. Run a brush through the curls for a softened look. To finish, spray L’Oréal Professionnel Wild Stylers Crêpage de Chignon hairspray to set your style - et voilà, red-haired perfection.

Be the bold ginger you were born to be and never accept anything less than fierce with these hairstyles!

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