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Are You Turned Ne-On or Off for Neon Hair? The Bright Hair Trend You Can’t Avoid

Elizabeth Hall
01 May 2019
woman with curly neon yellow hair

Neon hair is nothing new, it’s actually been around for a long time. Neon green hair (or lime), hot pink, and electric blue are just a few of the colours we’ve seen boomerang back on Instagram. Why all the hype surrounding a bright hair trend that’s been around for ages? We can thank the wonderful world of Hollywood for rekindling our love for neon hair. We’re seeing these fluorescent hues transition from the red carpet, to the runway, and now they’re hitting the streets. Think you got what it takes to rock a bold hued ‘do, such as neon green hair? This look is not for those wanting to blend it, it’s all about being the centre of attention and standing out… move over wallflower colours, it’s all about that neon! Hang tight, we’re bringing neon hair to light - read on to learn all you need to know about the bright hair trend that’s taking over the fashion world!


Match Your Hair To Your Highlighter: Why The Neon Hair Trend Is So Popular


Neon hair colours like neon green hair (AKA look-at-me-green) demand one thing - look at me! So it only makes sense that the bright hair trend started with celebrities, well known for loving a good dose of attention. The trend was picked up by fashion designers around the world and began to make appearances on the hottest catwalks in the fashion world. Finally, after literally being flashed in our faces for a good amount of time, we succumbed. The bright hair movement began to filter to the masses (not referring to the Yellow Vest movement in France…) and is now colouring the streets and tube alike. Whether you’re all for flying your fierce flag with a neon hair colour, or you’re still contemplating if you can pull it off, this bright hair trend is in full force as of late. 

vibrant purple hair colour in action shot

Neon Green Hair: The Must-Try Shade Of The Season


The popularity of electric colours had us a bit confused at first, we wondered how one could pull off such eccentric bright hair shades outside of a music festival. We stand corrected… neon hair colours - especially neon green hair - have taken the beauty world by storm and we’re not even mad. How is such a bold choice shaping up to be one of the hottest trends of the year? We like to think it has something to do with freedom of choice; colourists are churning out new hair colours basically every day. The options are endless. 


Since the hair colouring world now offers pretty much every hue on the spectrum, naturally you may want something fresh and new. Sure, celebs are taking their ‘dos to bold new heights to match their super-cars, but that doesn’t mean you need the same source of hair inspo (unless you also have a £150k sports car in your garage!). For us normal folk, rocking a neon green hair colour is a pure form of self expression… and a major aesthetic. Because this lime hue will never pass for a natural-looking hair colour, the bolder, brighter, and faker equates to better! This realisation has taken a lot of pressure off the idea that we must pick a hue that looks natural. Daring to be different and stand out is what all the cool kids are doing these days, didn’t you know?


How To Care For Bright Hair


The pros suggest that whatever neon hair colour you’re lusting after, lightening your strands first will be involved about 99 percent of the time. They also say that when getting neon green hair, the lighter you lift your hair colour during the lightening process, the prettier the fade. In any case, you should ask your stylist mix the L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond strengthening system into your neon green hair colouring process. Specifically formulated to work in synergy with pre-lightening and colour products, this could be the only thing standing in between you and locks full of lustre! As any true colour chameleon knows, when you reach for the bleach you must invest in take-home salon products to maintain your bright hair shade and prevent awkward fading. 

Would you buy a pet from the pet store and not bring it home food? The same thinking should be applied after you achieve neon green hair, you must nourish it to keep it healthy and happy. How do you decide when you’re looking at a sea of products all claiming to maintain your hair colour? That’s where we come in. One of our favourites happens to be the #1 professional colour care brand: Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner. In addition to gently cleansing locks, this duo is commonly used to treat dry hair... it’s thatmoisturising. Use the Redken Extreme Cat Treatment to reconstruct and strengthen your hair after an intense neon dye-job. Spray this product 1-3 times per week and leave on for about 5 minutes for your healthiest bright hair colour yet!

Get turned on for neon and be the life of the party everywhere you go! 


Interested in trying neon hair? Use our salon locatorto book an appointment with a hair expert near you.

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